21 July 2009


I always donate a doll or three to the school auction. A few years ago the theme was The Wizard of Oz. I made up three items for that and thought I'd show you.

The whole lynch pin for Dorothy's problem with the witch is the unseen dead sister. This is all we glimpse of her. I thought I would honor her.

Of course we love Dorothy and the Wicked Witch because they represent the classic struggle between good and evil, virgin and naughty girl.

The three dolls brought in some good money for the school so I was thrilled. I then sold all the witches I had made. Since fall is upon us, well, it will be, thought I would make some more.

Dang this is the part where I rethink how much I charge for these witches. Each doll takes about 6 to 8 hours to create. I feel the textile arts are so under-valued. I have to keep reminding myself at times why I enjoy this. Then the faces start to come to life and I love them all over again!


  1. I love Wizard of Oz, and I absolutely adore your dolls! Dorothy is great, but that witch is something else. Great work on the sparkly shoes, too. Did you fabric glue a bunch of glitter on? As a failed seamstress, I agree that the fiber arts are undervalued.

  2. The textile arts are definitely undervalued. So many art forms are undervalued! It's sad, but thankfully it's a labor of love. Your Dorothy with her DARLING ruby slippers is fantastic!

  3. 1. That leg drawing looks as if it is ready to kick someone.

    2. I assume the one wearing red shoes is the naughty one, I know that I am right.
    3. I hope to see those legs in October...

  4. Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you how much I love these! I think you should charge however much you need to for the dolls, because it is obvious that a lot of time and love went into each one. I NEED a set of wicked witch legs. Will you be selling those at shows this fall too?

  5. Awe...How can you NOT help but LOVE these little darlings????
    Whatever you do, DO NOT sell yourself short girl! They are too cute!!!!
    everything vintage

  6. I love those wicked witch legs!

  7. Oh honey, I have been dying to see pictures of the draft stopper and the Witch doll since I got my Dorothy doll from you last year. I love them! I'm looking forward to seeing and hopefully getting a Witch doll from you this year. Save one for me!! <3


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