27 July 2010

Lana does Lavender...

During the spring I entered a give-away on HoneySuckle Lane. I was thrilled to win this Vintage Damask Lavender Eye Pillow. Although I received it quite a while back, I haven't stopped to say thank you to Lana. I really appreciate it.

 Congratulations, Lana,  for three years a-bloggin'.

20 July 2010

Soooooo, eight of us crammed into two rooms in downtown Oklahoma City. There were tears and laugther. I danced. I brought joy. And people need joy. There were gifts, sunscreen and salsa. Little sleep.

I rarely show personal pictures but I think I will this time. I have been in such a dark and sad place for so long. My mother is doing better now that she is recieving full time care. I cared for her, worked, took care of my house and family, and had three enormous, emotional growth events occur during that time. One of those was the cleaning out of her house. That was difficult and healing. It was an excavation and a burial. With that behind me and mother doing better, I am enjoying this time with some of the deepest peace I have ever felt. I think it shows in these photos I share with you and myself to show the summer of my life. The summer in my life.

Thank you Angie, Gina, Kim, Lori, Penny, Shelley, and Tina. Thank you Oklahoma City for introducing us and hosting us over and over. I love you, I love you.

16 July 2010

Eight is Enough

This weekend represents another in a long line of nearly annual visits with essential women I have known and loved for many years. We went to high school together. Factions of us were close at the same time or different, forming and reforming units like marching band formations. About 9 years ago we started emailing regularly. There is rarely a day in all these years that there is not an email from one of us. We are resolutely supportive. We are loyal. We are tough. We don't mind saying "hey, stop it, you deserve to be treated better," "girl, you look good," "go for it, you are smart and the capable," and even "you better pull your head outta' your ass."

We have buried brothers, mothers and fathers. Even a child. We have been married, divorced, remarried or are currently looking for love. Promotions, changes, moves, hormones, surgeries. Darkness, despair, floating, happy, light. Often things are shitty for many of at at once. Always we are happy to be together even when there are tears, fears and tension. There is no competion only accolades. There is no putting yourself down, only getting lifted up.

And I bring joy to all with my dancing.

Angie put it very well in a blog post that ends like this

     "So the stars lined up for us, doors were opened that had previously been slammed shut and all eight of  us will be there to laugh and cry, to expose our outer beauty and our inner demons. If you feel the earth shift a bit in mid-July, don't worry, it's just Tina giving everyone a good hard mushing.

     I need these women like a horny dog needs a leg to hump. I want to grab on and never let go (figuratively of course)."

12 July 2010

Sunset for Memory

Kim's sister-in-law Memory died after an exhausting, devasting illness.
I just wanted to honor that loss.

02 July 2010


America is a little like your messy teenage son. He thinks money grows on trees. He litters. He picks fights and sticks his nose in business that just isn't his. He doesn't clean his plate. No doesn't clean his room. But, he is smart and beautiful, funny and creative. And sometimes he stands up for what's right even when it isn't easy. With all his faults, you love him, because he is young and arrogant and learning. And he's yours.
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