24 July 2013

Sooooooo Sewn....

I have enrolled in the Mary Ann Moss online class SEWN.
We make our own patterned papers then sew them into various projects.
First... big loose painting.
I have learned that no matter how much I admire those that can use lots of colors at once,
I can use only one or two at a time and feel its authentic to my hands.
And I need to indulge a color combination over and over.
More, more, more...
My first project is this pattern journal...
into which patterns are painted.
I am in a creative growth spurt.
Learning and growing and yet back very much to Crayola watercolors...

18 July 2013

Well Done Senora Perez

Another Hope for Oklahoma Auction purchase I made was this soldered necklace by Charlotte Perez. I like to think of her watching the children that were lost.
Senor Perez filled a large box with goods.
 Unexpected. Welcome. Deeply beautiful...
This Mirror Mirror she could see in my house by this other Charlotte piece I have.
I love her so.
Thank you.
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