28 February 2012

Three Blog Years: Winner Three

Thank you guys for reading this blog. It has been a great source of joy and healing for me. Even when I struggle with continuing it, something wonderful blossums. Spring always comes.

Winner of the ephemra pack from give-way three is Jackie, who has been so generous with me. So that works out just great. In the mail soon sweet Jackie.

Here is another video. I realized why I have been doing them near the end...

21 February 2012

Three Blog Years: Give-Away Three, Winner Two

To celebrate my three years of blogging and my appreciation to you who comes, here I am doing three giveaways. This ephemera packet is the third item. Please leave a comment on this post to enter. I will announce the winner Tuesday, 28 February, 2012.

Winner of crocheted necklace from give-away two is...
Ha, Babe! You said it was your turn! Mailing soon!

14 February 2012

Three Blog Years: Give-Away Two, Winner One

I realized only after I posted last week, that I offered a give-away, asked you to leave a comment then promptly told you I was depressed. Brilliant. Tit for tat, right? Not this week. I just want to say thank you for reading my blog which is so very special to me. This week I am offering this hand crocheted necklace with crystals, sent in a pouch. Leave a comment here to enter. Give-away closes Monday night, 20 February. Winner and next give away announced on 21 February, 2012.

Winner one of the earrings from give-away one is....
Mailing soon to you dear friend.

Happy day to your heart my beloveds...
My next video about make-up lasting all day.

07 February 2012

Three Blog Years: Give-Away One

This blog began in February 2009, three years ago. It has been such an essential part of my growth, reaching out and telling my truth to you has been very healing. I thank you. I will do three give-aways ways to express, in small part, my gratefulness for this blog and you. To enter, leave a comment on this post. Give-away for these earrings ends next Monday night, 13 February. The winner and the next give-away will post 14 February, 2012, Valentine's...

You know how you feel it coming on? First, you're tired, then there is that little headache, backache, scratch in the throat. You ignore hoping it goes away. At some point, as symptoms march on, you realize and then admit its a cold and you're getting sick.

Its been like that for the last few weeks. Restless dreams I don't want, then poor sleep. Lacking the energy to leave a supportive comment on a blog. Lack of being able to get it up again for another dinner even though I love feeding these people. Day dreams of time away without the chores, in the sun, just me and the feel of warmth and lack of demands. I admit it, this is not just grief, it's depression. I called it a hibernation last winter. Trying to accept it and let it wash over me and then recede as it always does.

I want to see my mother. I want that simple ability I had for so many years to just get in the car and go see her. That voice, those green eyes, the little sounds of her. I have been doing well, I have been getting on without her, can't I be rewarded with a short little visit today?

Its difficult today.

01 February 2012

Reverb 2011 Post 4

February first brings the final pages of my December Daily Journal in which I followed Hope Wallace Karney's Reverb11 prompts. Post three ended at Day 23...
Day 24: phrase or saying picked up in 2011.
My dear daughter was very helpful to point out annoying repetitive things I said...
Day 25(above right): beliefs...
Day 26: birthday celebration.
Day 27: what could have been done without during the year...
The birthday celebration is chronicled in a little book sewn onto the page.
Got a bicycle and new sunglasses. I actually love this dorky picture of myself...
This whole journal is simple palette of kraft paper, creams and browns, bit of red.
Day 28: a regret.
Day 29: most authentic moment. Painful.
I used a plastic sleeve to represent the transparency that authenticity brings.
Day 30: most important lesson.
God told me while I was walking (does She talk to you like that?) to 'stop' take in the view...be. I was then promptly told to 'keep going.'
Use as needed...
Day 31: greatest wish for 2012.
Be a bridge...which leads me to choose bridge as my word to focus on for the new year.
I want to be a bridge to my daughter's future, not an obstacle. I realize this has so much meaning for me in all relationships including my own with each day,
about remaining present,
on the bridge,
enjoying the view...

February brings brings the third anniversary of this blog.
It has been a loving support to myself, a gift to me really.
I want to celebrate with a give-away, coming next.

I also found a product I was surprised and shocked by...
No, I wasn't sleepy or high...
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