25 October 2010

I Hooked Up 'Cause I Give It Away

Last year I met this Minnesotan gal I just really liked. Then we got all bloggy up in here. Now we are buddies and incahoots.


No idea why I am writing like that.

Suz over at Katsui is my friend. We thought, being of the jewelry persuasion, we would do a joint give-away. I sent her this...

And she and her groovy little daughter came up with some earrings to accompany this choker necklace.

And we three girls are giving it away!
The necklace and earrings, I mean, you knew that right?

To qualify, leave a comment here or on the Katsui post.
Give-away ends Friday 29 October.

Thanks so much Kat and Suz!!!!

Peace ya'll!!!

19 October 2010

Minnesota Magpie

I did something out of character for me and said 'yes" to a last minute trip in September to Minnesota and attended the Creative Connection Event. I went and had such a good, good time. I just kinda let go, let go of worries and frets.

One thing I did was just got on a bus to Shakopee, Minnesota to Junk Bonanza. I lost my mind there. I had two hours. Devon was my bank and sent me with twice as much cash as I had asked for. I have to drive next year so I can get thoroughly in to this shopping event.

I bought this suitcase right away. Then I had to navigate the Saturday crowds with
this big base drum.

Let me just say, I have always thought the people in Oklahoma are nice. However, just try going through a WalMart. People just stand in the middle of their aisle, on the phone, with small sticky children. It's a mess. Not so at Junk Bonanza in Minnesota! So very nice. I would whisper "Excuse me, I am coming behind you with this big suitcase." Every time the Minnesotan would say "Oh sure, let's just baaaack up here." The best, the best crowds ever!

I bought this scale at Junk Bonanza. Now if I could only find balance...

A young German girl's lesson book..

Bits and baubles. Arg, I hate when people say that!

And if all that was not enough, I picked these up in Oklahoma City in September...

Dear Devon made these for a very special September birthday.

Some final shots of Minnesota. I saw so very little of it, but it was clean and smelled good.
A big 'ol city like that!

There is something fabulous about coming in to your room and finding this at the sink...

I think I will return next September to Minnesooooootah...

12 October 2010

Handmade Acquistions

There was a most delicious Handmade Market open throughout The Creative Connection Event. While the vendors may not have appreciated the many days of feast and famine, I did enjoy running through the market over and over. I also was able to spend far more than had it only been open for a short while. These are the things that live with me now...

Rebecca Sower. Ahhhhhh... Devon found this robin and surprised me with it...

From the Art Is You booth, although I regret to say I am not sure which of their artists created this piece. I have worn this so often already, I use hold things back. I want a memorable debut for something I really especially love.

Why, though, should we ever own something we do not especially love? I believe it was William Morris who said we should live with things that are both beautiful and useful. I really try to adhere to that philosophy. Which works for me as I view tools such as envelopes, brooms and sponges as beautiful.

The Oh Sweet Sadie Girls were so funny. Did you know Mormons can be so hilarious? My ignorance, inexperience and Sister-Wives made me think maybe not. Wrong. This necklace was a tutorial and I enjoyed spending time sitting with them and bending wire while they bended my ear...

I rarely pass up bird books. And I simply went crazy for Lisa Souers' work. This was so beautifully packaged, I haven't even opened it yet!

People went quite nuts for Hutch and her cardboard chic, simple and familiar style. If you only click one link on this post, let it be this one, her watercolors are so dear...

Amy Barickman, whom I have a special affection for...

Oh dear Carloyn of Gypsy Threads.

This is a stack of felted wool pieces from Rose Mille, a local Minnesotan.

 I also bought a stack of kits from Glass Garden Beads
I will just have to let you know how that turns out.

I opened this post with Rebecca and will close with Kaari Meng. They are my greatest inspirations really. I loved my classes with them at Silver Bella last year, love my purchases from them. Love their blogs. It is really something to love a person's work and also to take their class and own their things. I will never quit saying it. This internet and these workshops are providing connection that women need, are truly hungry for, don't you think?

05 October 2010


One of my proudest days was 12 years ago. Every bit of it is a vivid documentary in my mind. It was a Saturday morning and I was about to go out the door. I had arranged that day for my ex-husband and my fiance to meet. A cordial and formal introduction. The very first person I told about my engagement was my ex-husband. My daughter's father. Of course I told him first. The second people were my parents. I remember what my father said so clearly. He said "that's probably what it takes," about my fiance. All about men. This memory is about about men.

Then the phone rang. It was my mother. The husbands did meet that day.
Under very different circumstances.

I have been thinking so much about my father lately, feeling so close to him. I have made many decisions that were always his territory. I am really undoing many of his decisions. I emptied the house that he and mother bought and filled and lived in for decades. I sold that house. I undid his signature of purchase by signing it over to someone else. I wondered if it was alright with him. I moved his wife out of that house. I have moved her again. Making all these decisions of his I have felt like I am wearing his shoes.

I had been putting off a very big task but once mother was hospitalized last year I knew I had to move on it right away. I needed to become co-guardian of my severely disabled brother. I didn't want to attempt it after mother was gone, because it would be more difficult to do it de novo, and because it would leave Kerry without an advocate outside the state run facility he lives in. So I started the long process in December and by the last day of August had an appointment with an attorney to finish the legal part.

Looking back through all the old paperwork and signatures, it was clear I was again posting up and taking my father's place as co-guardian alongside mother for Kerry, my brother.

Feeling close to daddy, melancholy, scared, a little alone.

A box arrived from a new friend. It is a new friendship that has an old soul. Charlotte did not know what had been going on with my brother. We bonded over a different boys, my dead brother, her dead son and the tragic beauty of the art we make. But she didn't know how I was feeling about this brother or my role.

Without that knowledge she sent this which  arrived the night before my drive to a northern Oklahoma city to an attorney's office.

She happened to be moved by this picture on my blog and captured it in this piece.

It is my father. 

A little nest with four eggs is perched by his feet. Four children.
I am the only one left to carry on his role in this world.

This old French letter is dated with my daughter's birthday.

Miraculous. A talisman for me. It made so many things easier.

My father died this month 12 years ago. I was there with him as he died and stayed with him as his body cooled off. I sat with him until the funeral home people came. I was so proud I did not leave him alone.

Thank you sweet Charlotte for making this transition easier, with beauty.

01 October 2010

I Said Yes...

When Devon called to say she and her workshop partner were considering The Creative Connection Event and would I like to go, I said "no." I cannot possibly leave in a week and a half for that. I am too responsible. I have too many people in the boat I keep afloat.

And then a YES happened...

So off I went to Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. Devon had made all the plans, I only needed to pay and pack. I had the best time I may have ever had. I just took classes and shopped and visited and ate. No one to please. No one to wait for or on. Just me and my fun.

I busted out some gifts first...

I have figured out how much time I need alone. What I didn't fully realize how much I needed really must shake off the big girl attitude and just have fun.

For days on end.

I liked it.

I took a Folk Art painting class from Laurie Meseroll.

We started out with this naked plywood and materials.

After many, many layers, most of which looked like hell, until ultimately, like all good life stories, I was able to create this girl with her robin in only 3 hours.

There was Betz White's Felted Wool ornament class.

She is adorable and so is felted wool.

A kit, an instructor and time is such a luxury.

Ruth Rae taught the Family Keepsake Album class.

My tool rolls...

Supplies for my album...

Ruth's act of binding...

My album is a work in progress. It features all the ladies that built me.
For now, Ruth and me...

I was not as interested in the Panels regarding marketing, Etsy and blogging so I opted for additional classes with Shea Fragoso and Debbie Murray, of course. I took a Display Your Creativity Necklace and Keepsake Class.

Also this Art and Coronation class. I had not been much on glitter prior to this. But this glass glitter has such a weight and brilliance. The process of pouring it over the pieces with a spoon was very pleasant.

So very pretty...

I shopped and shopped. There are so many pictures of shopping. Stay tuned for that.

For now, looks like I might follow these ladies anywhere...

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