30 December 2013

A Year in Classes

A list maker loves the accounting at years end...
Made a journal with Jackie at Paper Crown.
I went to Handmade U in spring 2013.
Made a journal and doodled with Dawn Sokol.
Leather work with Camille McClelland at Handmade U as well.
At My Heart's Fancy fell for Stephanie Ackerman making hearts.
Making doodles and stamps.
And this Pouf with Jemellia at Je's Bend.
Oklahoma license plate journal at Paper Arts store.
And made a couple of quilts...

Finished a needlepoint tapestry, ya' know, no big deal...
Online and in my robe I took a couple of the getting Started series with Julie Balzer.
Doodle Camp with Dawn.
30 days of prompts with Dawn for National November Non-stop Journaling Month.
From the master, Mary Ann Moss, the Full Tilt Boogie Journal online.
And Mary's Sewn class of pattern painting...
And so many journals I made.
Wow. Nice...

27 December 2013

One Little Word!

I did it!
One of the year long commitments I made for this year,
My cover is from a Colette Copeland class, the little pouch above was made by her.
My word for 2013 was go.
I had spent plenty of time with stop and be following mother's death,
it was time to go...
The monthly prompts didn't take a lot of time but certainly made me put the word GO into my life, which is the whole point of an intention for the year.
Just a few pages, nothing fancy. 
 I used a binder and clear pocket pages for this as instructed.
I finished it! I went!
Now time to celebrate everyday...

17 December 2013

Whole Again

Another page in stages. I am learning to be sloppy and more free.
Definitely channeling the work of Roben-Marie Smith and Tina Jensen.
Oh the joy and beauty of this.
Also this girl. This girl!
 Home from sophomore year, just turned twenty, my favorite person.
I gave birth to my favorite person.
We laugh at nothingness often.

09 December 2013


I love to make lists. I love to cross things off.
I did biochemistry and molecular biology research for 7 years and loved planning my work, researching, making the list of tasks then performing the tedious repetitive motions to complete the plan.
I found it all oddly creative.
Now with art there is no true need for a list. Mary Ann Moss talks about responding to the 'committee in her head,' just doing what she is told, without thinking.
I find myself doing that now with the tearing, gluing, smearing and drawing.
So where's the list?
Its in the photos of the work I take.
I get in bed at night and look at pictures of the progess for the day.
It is akin to a list-
a retroactive visual list...

04 December 2013

Creative Contents

I put together this journal is January thinking I would do collage
and REAL visual journaling.
Didn't happen until all at once in November. 
 This is the evolution of the cover.
Magazine pages.
Paint. Ink. Marker. Pencil.
Its interesting to know when something is complete...
I kinna dig it.
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