28 July 2009

Framing the View Part 2

I previously mentioned this project in May. Following great gnashing of teeth and whining, I think I have finished the curtains for the great room...

I say think because I intended to place two panels on each rod. However, after putting only one panel up I folded up the rest of the fabric and put it away. I will think on it for a while. I just don't think the windows need more fabric. Yes, gasp, I said that.

I will reveal more of the room once this little project has gotten completed...

For now I think I will just enjoy the fruits of my labor. Oh, who am I kidding, that lasted 5 minutes, and I only see the empty spots again...

21 July 2009


I always donate a doll or three to the school auction. A few years ago the theme was The Wizard of Oz. I made up three items for that and thought I'd show you.

The whole lynch pin for Dorothy's problem with the witch is the unseen dead sister. This is all we glimpse of her. I thought I would honor her.

Of course we love Dorothy and the Wicked Witch because they represent the classic struggle between good and evil, virgin and naughty girl.

The three dolls brought in some good money for the school so I was thrilled. I then sold all the witches I had made. Since fall is upon us, well, it will be, thought I would make some more.

Dang this is the part where I rethink how much I charge for these witches. Each doll takes about 6 to 8 hours to create. I feel the textile arts are so under-valued. I have to keep reminding myself at times why I enjoy this. Then the faces start to come to life and I love them all over again!

14 July 2009

Dress Me Up in Modge Podge

For a non-scrapbooker, I certainly take a lot of classes at our scrapbook store, The Paper Crown. My peer pressure source, I mean friend, Jemellia , and I took the Dress Canvas Class. Here is the instigator, I mean beloved friend now.

Our teacher was Jackie Peters and her work is so great. I have no links for her. Rather than sitting at the computer, she just puts her head down and creates. Hmmm, interesting concept...

Getting started. Can you smell that Modge Podge?

Did you see my shoes?

Along the way.

There were name tags and cookies. Jackie made these (over-achiever).

Although we had time, I completed mine at home as the work just screamed for this picture of a certain little girl that hung the moon.

She was so mad when I told her she was cute and I wanted a picture. She is trying to hold on to her anger whilst in those pink gingham shoes with her little bloomer leg pouched up that mean wee thigh.

My work lives in the laundry which is a very revered place. Come in. Its where I work happily at the computer to the sounds and smells of laundry.

I love laundry.

And there is my dress canvas.

Thanks for taking this class all over again with me. I find the odor of glue quit irresistible. Did I say that out loud? I meant do not huff glue, please.

06 July 2009

From the Fourth

Rust some junk.

Sleep on a bunk...

Trying to kiss my dog is some tiny punk!

Boil water for a cup of tea..

Have a drink on me...

Try to find some comfort on a bony knee...

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