19 April 2013

Blue Book

This theme for our March Altered Book Swap at Paper Crown was "blue."
I had Jackie's book to work in and my first thought was that she is so 'true blue.'

This spread emerged.
And I do not throw bible verses around.
Thats my mother and Aunt Ernie circa 1928.

Nan and I provided dinner. I made a salad.
She made these lemon cheesecakes.
She had to beat admirers off with a glue stick.
This week has been the two anniversary of mother's death. I've been doing so much better overall. Keeping busy, hugging Lucille, but I have felt exhausted and cranky. Grieving is lonely and takes lots of energy. So this is brief and lacks personality which reflects who I am right now.

Medeah's page made me clutch my pearls by the way...

09 April 2013

Handmade U Frosh

It happens almost everytime. I think I am done blogging, then I get inspired
and can't wait to share. I am feel very much like creating after my weekend
at Rachel McGough's Handmade U event in Omaha.
Shelley Overholt of Tuttle, Oklahoma and I flew to Omaha. Really enjoyed that Shelley.
Of course everyone does.
Handmade U features two full day classes, a format I had not experienced
and really enjoyed.
Dawn Sokol led a Tape Bound Journal class.
We made a journal with tape and paint and general frolic.
She then provided exercises in doodling with TIME TO DOODLE. How about that??
Camille McClelland (right) led a two project leather tooling class.
She is the leather whisperer...
 I made the cuff below which bears my word for the year....
and the flower cluster which will become a pendant.
Look. Table space...
and snacks...
I just want to play all day. I am full of ideas and am worthless at other parts of my life now. More worthless than usual is accurate to say...
I am thinking to resurrect my idea of having classes at my husband's salvage shop
Oklahoma Barn Market.
Shelley has been asking about a doll class for a few years.
I am thinking about it...
Much fun at Handmade U. Thank you Rachel.
Here is Michelle and Mollie.
I got to sit next to Alisa Noble and just wear her smooth out. Double double...
However I did have to deal with this shit... 
Other than people's talent to deal with, I enjoyed it and cannot wait to play!
(and I do not throw exclamation points around)
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