05 March 2013

Paper Crown Altered Book Swap

I have committed to a year long project put forth by Jackie Peters and Cindy White via Paper Crown in Oklahoma City. 20 of us will swap books and design a page each month according to a theme.

Here is my book. Also Lucilles foot was so dirty right then.
A cover page.
My first swapped book belonged to my friend, Nan. The theme was "heart."
Immediately I drew an anatomical heart. With wings. Thinking about our siblings, Janice, Nan's sister, and Kerry, my brother, that both have severe retardation.

I was thinking how they don't really have freedom but someday their hearts will fly free.

Then it occurred to me, was whispered in my ear, that it is Nan and me that experience a feeling of clipped wings. Its the sadness of seeing your beloved with a life long affliction that limits them. Its seeing your parents look at that sweet child and know all the dreams that will not be. Sadness snares us.

And so this phrase came to me and I stamped it on the page.
We are more free than we know.
What a emotional experience this turned out to be.

Now I am working in Jackie's book...
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