22 May 2009

Framing the View

We built the house we live in and moved in 15 months ago. I had schemed all the colors, textures, hardware, lighting, flooring, ad nausem, down to the thread colors prior to moving which included buying all the window hardware and most of the fabric.

I set out to sew the first panel for the front room. I am used to sewing quilts or dolls which involves inches of straight grain cottons. Then I selected this linen and rayon or some slinky thing and there were miles of it. I made the first puckered pathetic panel. I gave in and called someone in who gave me a bid, took my fabric and returned with the panels. And a bill. The panels were not quite what I had in mind and neither was that bottom line. What is the point of bidding a job if the final bill is a different number? Anyhow, they were done and we had some privacy. Now a year later I still don't have the drapery on those windows. The ceiling is really tall and those windows need some drama. Strike that, they need something dramatic, I really don't want drama. I am trying to avoid drama, that is why I have had this fabric waiting for so long... but it is just two windows.

I have now owned the striped fabric below for a year and a half. I went looking for a nice taupe lining fabric and came home with this dramatic heavy tapestry in green, hmmm. I started thinking how cool for the panels to be reversible. Perfect plan for one who really doesn't always even remember how to thread the machine.

This is a really nice room and I have substandard skills. But I have a particular event that I am using as the deadline. I think I am ready.... I have done my figuring.

I'm scared. There are 24 yards of fabric.

The first cut is the deepest.

So I cut one and hem it, cut another and hem it then cutting the reamaining fabric, I realize Hancock Fabrics has shorted me one yard. So I have 23 not 24 yards of fabric.

I spend the morning driving to different Hancocks looking for the fabric. There is none.

I have to start again looking for lining fabric. Not today. I am frustrated.


It is Memorial Day. There are dead soldiers. And its only fabric.....

19 May 2009

Cake Tops and Holly

I have blogged in my short bloglife already about Miss Holly. I am fixin' (yes I said fixin') to do it again. In a prior post , I admitted to having found a pretty avatar on Flikr which I followed to Holly Abston and found that she teaches classes right here in Oklahoma City. Not California. Not New York. Oklahoma! where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. I made her Butterfly Crown and now it lives on a lamp in my craft room, or studio (wait, I might be struck by lighting for saying studio....) okay we're good.

I took another class this last Saturday for a Cake Top Box. Mmmmmm. She has terrific little kits. I love the anticipation of what lies beneath...

The pretties inside the kit. Her kits are so complete, absolutely all you need to bring is your glue gun and an ability not to cuss as hot glue sears your flesh.

Along the way.

Later that day.

My cake top box lives alongside the jadite pieces in my china cabinet.

I will be going to Holly's house later this week because I totally weaseled in Holly's request of my friend Jemellia to make a slip cover for her. See what a sweet little bundle Jemellia brought to class for me just because I am her friend? Clearly that was before she realized I getting all up in her slipcover.

So I will be ogling Holly's house taking my stalking of her to the next level. Lucky girl...

12 May 2009

That blue...

That blue. I grew up surrounded by it.
Here is a charming photo which shows off a blue crushed velvet chair in our living room. That groovy make-up was done by my older sister. I am wearing an equally tasteful orange terry-cloth zippered jumper. Focus on the blue chair please.
My little Hallmark Charmers cards. I thought she was so much prettier than Holly Hobby...

There is my mother in the 1970s with her Dorothy Hammil wedge, blue suit in a sensible wash and wear polyester sitting on the blue couch. Those are her lashes. Thank you genetics.

I have many more nostalgic blue photos but they involve Easter dresses and far too much hair.

Having been surrounded by blue nogahyde and velvet, I swore I would never have that much blue in my life. Uhm, yeah, well, you know how that worked out. I cannot get enough of that blue.

I have been buying it.

I have been knitting with it.

I have been painting with it.

I have been sewing with it.

I have been decorating with it.

I have been wearing it.

And, yes, I am sleeping with it.

04 May 2009

Hand Maids

The Internet with its fantastical technology has given rebirth, paradoxically, to things handmade. As soon as that opposing digit sprouted, we primates have been tool users. Further, our big 'ol brains have the capacity for great creativity. Now we can photograph, market, sale, and connect to others who do and enjoy the same. Its a bit of tick picking satellite style.

Our Etsy community is called the Disciples of Etsy as we Oklahomans are in the buckle of the bible belt. Pack your pistil and the Good Word and don't go backsliding, ya'll. Some very industrious little OKC gals put on an Indie Craft Bazaar named Deluxe. The first one was December 2008 and was a smash. This spring model is bigger, better and scheduled for this coming Saturday, 9 May 2009.

Because I am so productive I rarely have to make anything just for craft shows. I was however trying a few new things. These pillows represent an amalgam of sewing, embroidery and knitting. This Couch Corsage Pillow is so named because the flower is a pin or corsage that your sofa wears.

In an effort to knit for a warmer season I made these wrist cuffs accessorized with a rose. I can just see girls wearing these to their dance while no flowers are harmed to embellish their outfits.

So that I can display my shrugs and stoles, perfect for the prom and wedding season, I asked my husband to help me with display stands. The second set is seen below. There was a brief period of not speaking between the prototype set and this finished product.

My table cloths are selected.

My inventory awaits packing. Hold on girls, I'll be right there.

We will see who gets selected and who comes back home with mama, the hand maid.

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