27 January 2014

It Is Done

I finally completed Project Life 2012.
When I am actually working on it I enjoy it.
The other 320 days of the year it hangs over my head like a pendulum blade...
When December started I had completed book one, January through July.
In the last 2 months I have worked to do book two.
I cant move on until it is done. but it is done.
Most of my photos are vertical and for the last three years most of the kit is orientated in the horizontal format.
 I have bought a lot of pages that allow for my preferred vertical pictures.
I end up using very little of the kit for that reason.
But I will do it again in 2014, which can now start...

13 January 2014

January 2014 So Far

Started this needlepoint project, it is enormous and I expect it to take about ten years. Really.
Watched my Sooners beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.
Allie went.
She is with her adorable cousin, Lee, from New Orleans here.
Visited my parents.
Experimenting with Italian wines.
Participating in Root, a 30 day journaling project.
Obsessing with this girl and her abundant doggy ears.
Figured this out...

07 January 2014

And Another Winter

Evolution. Evolution of a page.
Of a middle-aged woman.
Every winter I get low. Blue. Depressed.
Having, in the past, recognized it as a necessary hibernation,
as I enter it now I find myself low but not sunk.
Tired, hungry, unmotivated...
Depressed? Or just a need for quiet and low stimulation? Rest?
Because that's okay.
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