26 November 2013

Mother Goose

This last weekend was the only show I participate in anymore, our own Glitter Market.
I thank you if you came and supported us.
A wonderful group of friends, both Makers and patrons.
 I made journals and knits this year for it.
Here is a sweet 1940s Mother Goose book I made into a journal.

19 November 2013

Sweet Something

I received wonderful birthday wishes in October to celebrate my 50th.
A most lovely surprise was this box of unexpected treasures from Gretchen Portwood.
We met at Silver Bella years ago and there was an instant connection.
Thank you, Gretchen, for the sweet treasures and for your love.

12 November 2013

Family Tree

Thinking a whole lot about my family tree.
Birth order. What's left.
 At 50, I am still working this out?

05 November 2013

Wits Please Grow Sharper

Here is the development of a page.
I just want to draw bubble letters and color.
Also make journals and knit.
I feel a hibernation coming on...
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