29 August 2010

Been Menging to Mention

It was Jemellia that turned me on to The French General. Word of mouth certainly grows businesses. We took a class from Kaari Meng at Silver Bella last November. What a respite in the frenetic, over-stimulating and under-fed environment that is Silver Bella. Kaari provides everything for the class which is so nice not to lug around all your gear, much less dig through it. Or the thing I really am uncomfortable with-all that stuff everywhere, covering the tables, scattered about the floor.

I love to look at other people's treasures to be sure, but Kaari's class is a wonderful negative space filled with serenity. And...Kaari does this demonstration of how to operate a jump ring that is akin to ballet.

We made lovely charm bracelets and were charmed by the lovely Ms. Meng. I was hooked.

This spring, Kaari did a give-away asking for a memory involving that blue. I wrote my story about getting my picture made in a blue velvet dress, the fabric of which I can still remember the exact texture of. I am forever smitten with that color.

Kaari selected my memory and sent me a bracelet kit I recently finished. She told me my story had evoked a memory of standing by her father wearing her Mary Janes and white socks. She had to have each anklet at the exact same height as the other. So dear.

Another beautiful bracelet. Again, thank you so much Kaari Meng...

Earlier this year Jemellia and I went to Dallas for a Private Kaari Meng Event at Shea Fragoso and Debbie Murray's church. This necklace is an amalgam of what the Gilded Life ladies and Ms. Meng do and do so well.

I had to miss the Mary Englebreit event due to caring for my mother. Jemellia and my stand-in Shelley went. I really appreciated Shelley stepping up and taking my spot. I was blue that weekend to miss out. But of course Jemellia gifted me a kit and a book from Kaari.

Kaari even sent class kits to me. I was quite overwhelmed with the generosity. Quite. This is why I can't quit her. Neither Kaari nor Jemellia...

I have been completing a few of my French General kits lately.

Each includes vintage charms and beads making the kits limited in availability.

The product is always heavier and richer than you see in pictures.

Better than expected. Isn't that nice?

And rare? Well, that describes Kaari Meng...

27 August 2010

Magpie July Ten

I spent quite a bit of time and money in July doing the fleas. Show and tell...just show actually, these beauties are better when I am quiet.


23 August 2010

Not Enough

Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for a lovely post on Katsui the blog hosted by Susan Reaney and her daughter, Kat. Their blog is about their lives and love for jewelry repurposed from vintage elements.

The did a post called A New Talent about my soldered charm necklaces.

A very real compliment since jewelry is the kind of thing they do...

Here is Katie and this joyous necklace I have been looking at too many times to feel comfortable admitting.

I met Suz last November at Silver Bella. I can pick a Minnesotan out of a crowd let me tell you. I was immediately drawn to her. We have become good friends through our blogs and emails. I cannot wait to see her in at Silver Bella this year. She has a monstrous hug coming her way.

You can find their lovely pieces at Katsui.  We will be hosting a little joint give-away soon as well, so stay tuned for that.

Even though thank you is not enough, Susan and Katie, I will say it anyway...thank you, thank you, thank you...

15 August 2010

Gilded Day The Last

And now, my final installment regarding the trip to the Gilded Nest Art Event at the home of Shea Fragoso and Debbie Murray. I have to say all that fabulousness and reporting all that fabulousness can be exhausting. Also, I realize what a good problem that is. Somebody had to eat all those cupcakes...

Sunday was brunch followed by Shea and her technique of wire wrapping. We began with a little treat from Jo of Where Women Create who sent each of us a little some-something.

We had a practice bracelet which I was happy with and frankly could have stopped there.

Of course the grand finale was this charm bracelet. Mine of course says 'nest' because that is where all paths begin and end for me. One of the most important things in my life, the nest...

During a drawing for many pearl-clutching delights, I was the lucky draw to receive this print from Jenny and Aaron of Everyday is a Holiday. What a thrill because, you dear reader, need to realize my deep and abiding love of cake and icing. Cupcakes actually represent the best life has to offer in confection. Thanks so much to Shea and Jenny for it!

Also my bird Jemellia showered me with what can only be known as an embarrassment of riches and roughly a yard of embroidery.

Thank you Jemellia. So much.

And thank you to Shea and Debbie for a thrilling, indulgent ride of luxury, laughter and love.

12 August 2010

Gilded Day The Second

Jemellia and I attended The Gilded Nest event. First day was the bus trip to Canton for the monster flea.

Then we arrive at the church for our class with Colleen Moody of prim doll fame.

The table was set for 30.
Thur. Dee.
They take that whole 'bigger'n Dallas' thing seriously..
They spoiled us rotten. Our families are forever angry with Shea and Debbie...

We each had a Gilded Life bag of really good stuff. I have peaked at it all, but true to form, I have not opened everything yet. I will use it as a lovely distraction on a bad day. Which I will and won't look forward to...

The place setting from Colleen...

Then Colleen gave us the bird.


Then the costuming. And a gilded crown.

Oh shit. That is not my crown.

That belongs to Charlotte.

Whom I love. Well, until I met her doll.

My bird scrubs her bird's floors.

And is thrilled for the work.

Fortunately...we were fed gloriously all day then had an intimate vendor night.

Colleen's dolls.

Colleen is a doll.

Shea and Debbie's table.

And throne...

Such a good day.
Really, Charlotte?

The next day, Shea wrapped us in wire and made us eat cupcakes.

09 August 2010

Gilded Day The Church

The Gilded Nest event recently attended by Jemellia and me started with a bus ride over to the city of Canton for hotter n' hell shopping. The next two days of the workshop were held at The Church of Shea Fragoso where she lives with her family and mother Debbie Murray. In the heart of Dallas, this church had been abandoned for many years before the daunting task of restoring it to its former beauty as well as the conversion into a single family home.

Debbie Murray restored the leaded glass windows, Shea's father built the cabinets, Shea decorated and Robert brought home the dough to get this deal done.

They are very generous to open the doors and entertain.

The room most likely to induce spontaneous urine flow is the studio.

So, take a look and I will be quiet.



Take that in and I will tell you more soon...
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