31 October 2009

Hey Weenie

Okay, I mean Happy Halloween. Look, my first sewing project, a Halloween quilt. Scary, huh?

28 October 2009

Noting the Presents

So, my birthday was last week and I wanted to share three fabulous gifts I received. I don't want to talk about the cake my husband ordered for me. Not yet. I haven't sewn nor knitted enough to be able to talk about it. I will throw one word out there...orange. Okay, that is enough.

My dear friend Penny sent a bouquet of flowers. She sent it early in the week which is so wise, so I could enjoy them all week.

Jemellia's gift is so pretty I have to start with the exterior and reveal in layers.

It is delicious when someone knows you so well.

Earrings from Elizabeth Williams. I had just finished complimenting Jemellia on her earrings which were EliWill of course.

And a coveted tote from One Hundred Wishes.

Without a doubt one of the best gifts I have ever received was this tribute in Angela's blog. I do not know what to say about it. I love it and am overwhelmed by it and it rendered me speechless regarding it for a whole day. That speaks volumes.

I feel the love.

21 October 2009

Sweetest Peek

I will be attending the workshops and estro-glitter-fest that is Silver Bella in November. My "friend" that talked me into going also encouraged me to do a swap. There were many swaps to choose from from making charms, aprons, mittens, collage, ornaments and so on. Also they fill up like in minutes. All new to me.

I did join a swap called The Sweetest Thing Recipe Swap hosted by Shea. I did 2 sets of recipe pages. I don't scrapbook. I do, however, sew. So I did this and here is a peek.

Don't tell my "friend" but I actually enjoyed it.

Also, I named this beaded leaf neck cover "speckled leaf" which was influenced by comments to the last post. I couldn't see the nest for the leaf. Anyway, thanks for helping with that!

19 October 2009

Whatsits Name?

This never happens. My dolls and knits name themselves as I am making or at least photographing them. But this one eludes me. What do you think?

12 October 2009

Strange Brew

What a witch. I designed this doll a few years ago for a Wizard of Oz school auction. Lord, she is so hard to make and so time consuming. She is, however, quite beloved by myself and others. I have a lot of time to think about her whilst sewing, painting, stitching and such. Prior to paint, she is so naked and unintimidating, like a wet dog.

Gotta get that green right. So key to her intrigue...

It could not be easy being green. Glenda was caucasion. And we don't really know about the decreased sister as she had striped leggings on, and those shoes of course. I mean she had good taste in footwear, but can we assign a race to that? Admiration, sure, race, no.

I never had home economics or learned to sew really. I can't read patterns and have no idea how to make a hat. However, I can channel the wicked enough to create a pointy witchy hat.

There to the right of the hats you see a red and white heart fabric. Those are her bloomers. I like to think the witch had a little some-something under her skirts...

What is it about the wicked witch? I mean, I like Dorothy. But that witch was fascinating. She was powerful. In fact, the most powerful woman in the land. She had her minions, and who doesn't want minions? Can't we forgive her wretched personality? She had that perfect sister, an impossible act to follow. And we cannot forget she is grieving over her sister's death which is, at best, manslaughter. A case certainly could be made for murder since there was a clear robbery associated with the event. Even though those shoes were to die for, were they worth killing for?

The Wicked Witch was surely menopausal. So moody and bitter. She had a little osteoporosis and was working on a dowager's hump. I mean, really, her bones just disintegrated. While she was dressed a bit on the warm side, she did have a bitter resentment to that pretty, fresh, young Dorothy, a thief and alleged murderer. Was the witch leaping to judgement or did she have a real cause for revenge?

All very interesting. We love a wicked woman don't we? She embodies who I truly am while trying to project something a little more Auntie Em, right?

Embrace the inner witch, girls, embrace her... who else will?

05 October 2009

Frost On Your Pumkins

As much as I hunger for summer, my favorite season in Oklahoma is the fall. I love that cool morning smell and a backpack for school. It isn't as windy here in the fall which is nice. It is that weird time in the garden when pinks and blue of summer bloom alongside the russets and mustards of fall.

I have a special love for October as it is my birthday month.The only thing I ever want and have ever wanted for my birthday is birthday cake. I really look forward to that. I firmly believe that cake is the only reason to celebrate birthdays or go to weddings.

I also love pumpkins. I have made a few batches of this Pumpkin Annie Doll. She is one of the first dolls I ever made before making my own patterns. She is a Little Missy Primitives pattern. Missy's blog is Crafty Carnival where she has a few free patterns. Her partner Nicole still is doing dolls and if that's your thing you oughta see them.

I want to thank Audrey for finding this gal on Etsy. She is featuring my dolls on her blog. She is all about promoting Etsy sellers and must spend many hours each week on her blog. I really thank you Audrey, that was just so nice. Nice is good. I love all this good stuff between all us otherwise strangers. I am really amazed by this internet love. Women will find a way to connect. Connect or die.

Back to my sweat shop. Gotta make the dolls. And they are a bunch of witches...

01 October 2009


This is a snapshot of a cluster of spent Crepe Myrtle blooms. Beyond lies a view of a lake. I spent the month of September posting one snapshot per day. I challenged myself to do so and started with zoo pictures. I thought I would then show you what I have been working on but was so tired of all that I needed the outdoors. My challenge then become to put something living in each day's post.

There was a slump when I wondered what I had been thinking. Almost everyone of my challenges gets to this point ergo the term challenge. Then it rained and rained here and the moss and mushrooms, blooms and bugs were plentiful. I could have kept posting throughout the month of October. Unlike the Crepe Myrtle, I am not spent. I did think I was wearing out my welcome to those who follow me, so I will save those photographs for organic respite in the approaching long winter months.

There will be other challenges. I just don't know what quite yet. Do we ever?

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