23 January 2012

Magpie Still

It's been a while since I've posted any flea market finds. Since my husband is collecting so much old stuff, I have found that I have been more interested in other things (i.e. make-up) but...
In September 2011 I did find this basket, book, dictionary...
And my husband brought these home to me.
They are enormous ledgers and yes you can covet them and wish me ill.
 Well, please don't, come to think of it. I have to take care of this boy...

This month Sparkle and I went out to our little shop for a date.

I have not known how to announce this but Sparkle's sweet husband died rather quickly just before Christmas. She is left to deal with her own world turned upside down while watching this grief tear through their nine year old daughter's life...She is very brave and wrote a beautiful post about her fresh grief. It would be special if you gave her some love. I feel wrong to slide this information in on this very seemingly happy post, but that is exactly how his death struck.

Here is a sunset for him.

On a lighter note which I have been so eager to seek, here is a video of cosmetic favorites that is long and will be the longest video I make. I learned a lesson.

But that's what we are here for. Some are not so hard. Others, well, other lessons take the support of many for decades on end...

17 January 2012

Reverb 2011 Post 3

My December Daily journal was from Hope Wallace Karney's Reverb11 prompts.

Day 10(above left): ten things I was thankful for in 2011.
Day 11(right): a strengthened relationship,
was certainly with my (Larry's) daughter for which I am very grateful.

Day 12: something you planned to do but didn't was certainly the year of Amy Butler bags. Arg.

Day 13: biggest indulgence was time. Although I decided since "indulgence" has negative connotations to me I may use "nurture" instead...as in the sentence "i can indulge others but I nurture myself."

Day 14(above right): best meal was my new recipe for short ribs which I had never cooked with before. But will again. Tonight...

Day 15: Favorite photos from 2011. Of myself a self portrait from the summer seen on left. By me this peek-a-boo moment between my daughter and grandson.

Day 16 (above left): a memorable moment is tucked inside the envelope.
Day 17: bravest moment was with mother as she died was was dead.
That beautiful mother and child postcard is from Audrey Eclectic.

Day 18: memorable trip for me was all the college tours with my daughter.

Day 19 (right): most surprising revelation and here I channel Hope's work the most I think...

Day 20: I changed my mind about eReaders. Thought I would never give up books. While I won't, it is so easy to read in bed with my iPad.

Day 21(right): remembering goals from 2010. My word was "shine."

Day 22: a place visited which holds special meaning...the lake.

Day 23 (left): saddest moment...

Thank you for indulging me by viewing my journal.
I will nurture myself with short ribs.

Also my husband's hobby has become pretty serious...

13 January 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude II

In an effort to keep the winter blues at bay, I have chosen to do the PositivelyPresent 30 Day Photo Challenge with specific prompts for pictures of things for which you are grateful. I used my iPhone 4 camera phone and edited with BeFunky Pro app, my favorite for editing. I am printing wallet size photos. I made my own journal signatures in kraft paper and will bind in a cover at the end of the project.

Day 2: Smile. My daughter's. That was easy...

Day 3: Happiness

Day 4: Leaves. I love this moody edit on a leafless tree.

Day 5: Morning Sky. I have since corrected the number once I had my coffee!

Day 6: Books. So grateful for books.

Day 7: Something Funny. That leaf. It's been staring at me for months...

Day 8: Favorite color. Of course...

Really enjoying the prompts for this challenge. More to come...

I want to thank you for positive feedback on my little beauty video. Low tech baby. I did another. Still not sure what my point is. Make up is my latest toy I guess. I haven't been buying art tools so much but I have been shopping for cosmetics.

So here's another little video about some items I bought from Ulta and Beauty Brands.
Ha, nice face!

10 January 2012

Book Shelf: Best of 2011

My favorite five books from the last two years actually.

Five: The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature and Fowl Obsession by Mark Obamascik. This book has been made into a movie starring Steve Martin. I already had it in my library when the movie was released.Although I didn't see the movie, it prompt me to read this true, well-written story. A girl named Robin naturally has curiosity about birds and ever since Ornithology class in college I have been a bird watcher. Not a birder who records every siting and works on a life list. I simply utter the prayer "thank you" when I see a beautiful bird. Enjoyed this book.

Four: Jessica by Bryce Courtenay. I love this author, a big deal in Australia, his book aren't released in the US. I found him many years ago through my book club and he's so good. This is the story of a young Australian in the 1800s who shames her family and is put out in the woods to pioneer her life. The outback is so similar to the land settlement days here in Oklahoma that this foreign setting felt familiar. And I do love me some settlers. So, so good...

Three: The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. A lovely life story of a young writer who works for Freda Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Well imagined it creates an epic travel through Mexican and American history. Loved it. Art, writing, history, love, it's all in there.

Two: Abundance: A Novel of Marie Antoinette by Sena Jeter Naslund. Another novel set in historical truth, Naslund writes a fully realized creation of the life of Marie Antoinette with facts woven through this tapestry of royal abundance and the harsh fall from grace. I like just to touch the spine of this book to return to the lush imagination of this brilliant author.

One: One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp. A gift from my dear friend Beka, it was a grappling hook in my early days of grief over mother's death. A song, a poem, a lovely reality, this breathed gratitude into those long foggy days.

Also during those sad days, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a puffy, ashen face that needed a change. I would go to CVS and look at pretty make-up. I bought all new cosmetics and started playing again with brushes and colors. Shortly Jessi Nagy started her video series Jessi Girls Beauty World. I have watched them all and am like a puppy waiting for her return with each video. It is such a lucky world I live where I can care about make-up. It adds something pretty and positive to each day. I have tried many of the products Jessi recommends. It has really been a great diversion from myself and has actually brought me lovingly back to myself.

To that end I thought I would just sit down and talk about the make-up I was wearing, record it with my phone and upload it to You Tube, none of which I had ever done before. I am not sure why I did this, or why I am sharing with you but I with embarrassment and truth am...

05 January 2012

Reverb 2011 Post 2

I finished something! I finished something in a timely fashion. Just for me. That's a nice start to the year. I loved doing this December Daily as prompted by Hope Wallace.

The journal was a purchase from Jackie Peters at the Glitter Market in November.
Looky, I bought and then USED something!
Using the good stuff is one of my areas of focus lately. And yet, I still haul in more...

Hope's prompts were reflections back on the year creating a nice way to review
 and close that chapter.

Day 4 (left above): discovery of a favorite artist.
The Civil Wars. Just go listen to them now.
You are so welcome.

Day 5 (right above): five things you don't want to forget.  Allie's ponytail and the simple act of getting to watch her make another one.
I added several mini books in order to include lots of pictures.

Day 6 (above left) is unfinished as I look for a couple of things I put in a very special place...
so I wouldn't lose them. Yeah...
 And yet I carried on. I didn't let this stall me, which would be common for me to do.
Looky, progress!

Day 8 (above left): quote or saying that resonated.
"When the bridge is gone, the narrowest plank become precious."
Hungarian Proverb

Day 9 (above right): feeling nostalgic for...My Allie, then, now, always, still.

More of this journal to come.


02 January 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude I

The first month of the new year. Inhale...

I really enjoyed the daily challenge provided by Hope's journaling prompts for December 2011. I am finishing that up now. I used pictures very often to express myself as I have done since I got my first camera, an Instamatic in the 1970s. When I saw this challenge by PositivelyPresent on Pinterest I hoped it would be a great way to start the year and fend off the cold January dark thoughts...

One-One-One Two:  Favorite Food

Yep, its peanut butter. It is the first food I remember crawling on the old Formica counter top to reach. It got me through grade school, college, PA school, rotations, years of work and now, days at home, stretches of ennui. I am always seeking protein, and here it is. I prefer Peter Pan just soes you know...
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