08 February 2013

Lucille Thomas

With empty arms and feeling forgotten I was moved to go to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society on a puppy day. I was thinking there might be an older dog who needed me.
Then this happened. I knew it was trouble. I held her about 45 minutes. Cried and paid.
Lucille is a long-haired chihuahua mix.
Two years old. They marked her birthday as October 23rd, mine.
I only saw that a month later on her records. Made me swoon.
Meant to be.
Her world is silent. She is deaf.
She has two healed rib fractures.
 Her life was tough.
But she is so confident.
Spencer is nonplussed.
She moves extremely quickly.
I have ruined her.
And Husband likes her.
Je captioned this picture, 'he my man.'
She makes me love him more.
And this one. Oh gawd. How I adore her.
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