23 May 2013

Hope For Oklahoma Art Auction

On Memorial Day, Monday 27 February 2013
an auction
to raise money for Oklahoma tornado survivors will be hosted on Facebook. 
Heather Ales has taken on this task and has over 50 artists contributing handmade art pieces. All bidding will be on Facebook comments. Items will appear Monday.
It is will easy. Art will be plentiful. The need is great.
Here is a photo of my own young cousin's home and car devestated on Monday 20 February.
My contributions to the auction from me from right here in Oklahoma...

Please spread the news.

16 May 2013

Artists I Like

Paper Crown hosted a spring Glitter Market here in OKC. Due to being overly busy and underinspired I did not vend but happily attended. The best part maybe is hosting that Charlotte Perez. She and Lucille together was a favorite moment.
And you know when you have a friend with a distinctive fragrance? Not necessarily just a fragrance but the whole thing is them and is unlike any other. Charlotte has that of course. It is fragrance, hair products, handbags and laughter. I smelled that coming around my corner that first morning and danced a jig, fist pumped and all before my coffee. So special to have her in my home.
And I scored some CPOs (Charlotte Perez Originals).
These things from Jackie Peters.
A love gift from Jackie.
The distinctive sweet style of Colette Copeland all the way from Toronto to our town.
That little Robin pouch was a special gift, thank you so much CoCo!
Also picked up something wonderful from Linda Land and Holly Abston. Have to photograph these. I do not have enough Holly Abston in my life.
Be well and thanks for reading me.

05 May 2013

My Dear Pearl

My husband bought an old desk yesterday.
Turns out the drawer was filled with postcards.
I have collected postcards of Oklahoma scenes for nearly ten years
and feel that these fell into the right hands as
many were mailed to Oklahoma.
I was so touched by the posts.
This one from Long Beach, CA to Meridian, Oklahoma in what looks like the late 1920s...
My Dear Pearl,
I wish you could inhale some of this lovely cool sea breeze. I am sure it would make you well. Georgia wrote that you are better.
I am so glad. Lots of love, Ada
It seems that the writers always meant to show good humor.
Ada wrote on the cover regarding the fine Craftsman house,
"I haven't acquired one just like this one yet."
Here is to Pearl, Ada and Georgia.

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