24 July 2012

What I Didn't Expect

I had hoped my baby would be healthy.
We didn't know she was a girl until she appeared in the world 18 years ago. Healthy.

I had hoped she would have all functioning parts.
She did.
I had hoped she would have a good functioning brain. 
I feared the retardation my brother has.
She had good function.
Once all the parts were here and worked, I hoped she would like to learn and love to read. She did.
Once I realized how much she loved school, I expected she would graduate high school.
She did.
I expected good grades. She got them.
I hoped she would make it through sober, intact, emotionally healthy.
She did.
What I didn't expect is the friendships.
I hoped she would make the kind of enduring, necessary, epic friendships that I have, that have kept me alive at various lows.
She has them.
Such close friends. Friendships that are nearly decades old now. Already. Whew.
Love. Laughter. Expectations. Limits.
I didn't expect it. But she has them.

Well done sweet girl...


  1. This post is beautiful Robin.

  2. How sweet, Robin...such a wonderful feeling to see them happy...

  3. You have been blessed................

  4. Aaaw, I'm proud of your baby FOR you! All the things a mother could want in a daughter, she has. Take a little bit of credit for that beautiful, well-balanced girl you helped raise, mama bird!


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