09 January 2011

My Art Journal Class

Donna Layton is an artist. Also a vendor of vintage wallpaper. Also a biologist. Also just morbidly hilarious. She comes off like a waitress at a truck stop, that cigarette hanging off her lipstick, efficient, exhausted. I actually mean that in a loving way. I love that you have to try a little with her. The result is fabulous. Oh Donna, beloved Donna, taught a class last year on art journals. During class we made the basic structure from watercolor paper.

We talked quite a lot about art journals. She showed us many books and her own work for examples and inspiration. She also made us paint a page just so we could get over ourselves.

These are pictures from one of her art journals.

Donna's page below is covered with inch size squares of vintage wallpaper....

She uses old family images.

Such exuberant color in Donna's work.

So true.

Donna's journal is so inspiring.  Thank you Donna for letting me photograph it.

I have finally completed mine. Ahhhh. It felt so good, not just finishing but the whole process.

Soon, my completed journal...


  1. So pretty. I need to do an art journal. hmmmm.. Guess I better clean my craft roon first. lol

  2. Ohhhh I love that sassy woman too and miss everyone creating in one of her classes! This journal is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  3. Love this journal! One of these days when I slow down (or before I take a dirt nap) I am going to take a journal class :)

    Happy Sunday! It was lovely to have you stop by my Blog!


  4. Love Donna, love art journaling, most of all love you! Whatever happened to our plan to get together regularly to art journal? Oh wait, maybe that's what I'm supposed to be doing during my Renny/Pobin nights! Can't wait to see you!

  5. I love the colors you chose. Maybe I should do one one of these days...

  6. These are all awesome.
    I LOVE making art journals. It's the filling of them that I'm not very successful at.
    Did she give you any tips to just "get it done", because I could sure use some?

  7. Those pages are beautiful. Yes, Donna is like Shirley from "What's Happening."

  8. Robin, next time you talk to Donna... you MUST ask her about how she is now addicted to e-cigarettes. I am not kidding. She quit smoking 17 years ago. She bought one of those water-vapor e-cigs to help her sil quit smoking. She decided to try it and now she's a full-blown addict! haha.... I told her she needs one of those long, black cigarette holders like Holly Golightly or Cruella Deville!

  9. Fantastic Job! I love the wonderful bright colors you have used. I sure wish she would come and teach some of her FABULOUSness.........

  10. When I read Jemellia's comment that Donna is like Shirley from What's Happening, the image just clicked! The page where she used the one inch wallpaper squares...unbelievable..

    And I really enoyed seeing the pages from your art journal. Both are beautiful, but the simplicity of the page on the right with the scalloped circles bordering the page is wonderful..

  11. Very inspiring and creative. I love your quote about start from now and make a new ending. My 2011 word is NOW and I would love a new ending. Thank you so much for sharing. Happy 2011...

  12. I can't wait to see the completed book, as it looks amazing so far! And that vintage wallpaper patchwork page, I am losing my mind right now! LOVE!

  13. gosh i enjoy your posts!!
    love this art journal and i plan to see it in person when we meet for lunch in the spring!
    i can imagine donna in my mind from your way of spinning words.
    what's happening..one of my fave shows from tweenhood.
    good times :)!

  14. I love everything about Donna! Her supplies rock and she is so talented!! I met her at Silver Bella a few years ago.

  15. Her art journal is so inspiring, Robin! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  16. I love the idea of an art journal. I will put this on my list of things to make in 2011. :)

  17. I just love that journal...I love the idea of journals. I love the feel of journals. I just don't journal. Wish I did! Can't wait to see yours.

  18. That is beautiful! Wish we had classes closer to me!!


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