15 June 2010

Fly Anyway...

Busy with transitions, revelations, processing, sleeping and eating.
Must fly anyway...


  1. Relax and take a deep breath!! You will survive.....

  2. Lovely piece.
    As always.
    So much talent.

    Hope you are regrouping and resting.
    Turn off your mind..I know it is easier said than done....
    Prayers & Blessings~

  3. Beautiful charm as always Robin. I thought I would pop over and see how you are. I do hope that it's fine with you. Sending well wishes your way dearest.
    hugs to you from here...

  4. This one is absolutely gorgeous! I miss you and hope you are doing good:) ~Shelley

  5. You're pretty talented at this whole jewelry thing, you know that?

  6. Ooooh,,,I love every bit of this! She is gorgeous! Hope you are well, could you send a revelation or two my way? thanks ;)

  7. You are always on the fly, little Robin. I wonder if your mother had premonitions!

    This is an incdredible necklace and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those colors with it. Oh, girl you are so good!

    Knock-em-over hugs,

  8. Love what you're doing with the jewelry!

  9. Glad to see you are still breathing...hang in there and I'm thinking of you!!! :)

  10. robin,
    i;ve missed you. the "why" of things are such a mystery in life and maybe we are just not supposed to get it...just keep knitting and making beautiful jewelry and maybe, just maybe the answers will come. franc

  11. You know, I just love the heck out of you!! You are amazing and wonderful and lovely!


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