03 April 2011

The Details are in the Beads

My latest obsession.
Its small. Its beautiful.
Keeps my over-active thoughts focused.
And that is such a good thing.


  1. Oh.

    Did you hand bead each of those pieces?

    I do believe so!

    They're GORGEOUS!!!!

    Much Love

  2. Yummy yum!! I don't even want to try anymore! Your stuff is so gorgeous!

  3. RoBiN...who cares if your darling bags are zipped, i love em just the way they are! and, when a woman can make a handful of beads look like you do, i say, screw the zippers...! franc

  4. LOVE this Robin!

    Happy Monday!


  5. So beautiful.

    Years back I started making individual seed bead necklaces. Not terribly complicated or creative but I did all different colors and patterns and the most important thing was it kept my head quiet(ish). When my anxiety threatened to get the better of me, I would take out the filament thread and beads and pointedly string away. Now, years later, these necklaces hang on a mission style coat rack in my bedroom. Individually they aren't anything special but together the thick rope of them is quite impressive. Together they are thick enough that I can't quite circle my hands around them. They are the combination of thousands of small pieces of translucent glass, pulled together into something that transcends all the individual pieces. They are also symbolic of the many many individual steps it takes to get somewhere more solid.

    Whatever works right:)

  6. Robin,
    That is amazing. I have done some bead-weaving but don't have the patience to do it often. You are doing a beautiful job. I love these.
    Big hugs,

  7. You forgot one of its most important characteristics! It's sparkly. I love sparkly. :-)

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!
    Oh, and did I already say Gorgeous????

    Your Dear Amy Butler was so funny. You may have not intented it to be, but you had me laughing, because I would have just given up and come up with a really good excuse. But no, yo are not a quitter. Way to go girl...and they are beautiful BTW!
    sending hugs

  9. That is just lovely! Sigh... sometimes I miss bead weaving and how relaxing it can be. Then I remember how tiny those beads are and how they made my eyeballs hurt and having to pick them up after accidentally dropping my tray on the floor. :P

    But oh, so lovely! Beautiful work.


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