25 August 2011


I haven't knitted in well over two months. This is the longest stretch of not knitting in years, six years? Long time. I can only describe my state as ennui. Not depressed, not actively grieving, although there are clouds that pass over, sometimes they hunker down and sit there, tears rain down. I am not blue either. Not exactly happy although I am joyful.

This transition of my daughter back to school, her senior year, has left me listless, wondering around, not working this semester. Who am I? Who will I be without my mother or my daughter here? 

I had a burst of creative activity thank gawd. I made lots of earrings with Glitter Market in Oklahoma City this November in mind.

Then I got to thinking about you and how grateful I am that you have kept showing up here with me though all my...stuff.

I want to send this pair of earrings in a wee pouch to you. Leave a single comment on this post to enter. Give-away ends Monday, August 28, 2011.

Thank you amigo.


  1. Hey Sweet Robin! I guess everyone thought the drawing already happened and no one won! I'm glad you've had a creative burst of whippin' up some robin egg blue jewelry, etc... I look forward to you getting back into the knitting mode and making some of those crazy great scarfs! Big hugs to you sweet girl!

    Julie B.

  2. Beautiful earrings. I know it is hard for you right now. I wish you all the happiness in the world. :)

  3. Hi Robin. I am feeling your pain right now. My mother died on January 1st in my daughter's senior year of high school. Her senior activities kept me busy, thank God. When she went away to college in September, I felt adrift. No mother or daughter to take care of. Who was I? It's been two years, and I gotta say I still haven't completely adjusted. Thank God for my husband, kids and brother. Things will get better, but I'm praying for you right now. I knitted during my mom's last months with the softest yarn I could get my hands on. I just had to be comforted by it. Get back to knitting now. That and your other creative endeavors will help heal you. I would love to rock a pair of those beautiful earrings. Peace, Mona

  4. Hey Buddy! I had to google Glitter Market and if I lived closer, I would be buying up all those earrings! I have a little something to send you but I can't shake my ennui either. Working at school over the summer when it is nice & empty lulls you...then they all come back, SENIORS included!! The mailman will surprise you one day. I swear!! Hugs!

  5. Oooh ~ those earrings ~ hope I win! If not though, I will have to pick up some other ones at Glitter Market! See you soon! :)

  6. Ennui... I was thinking that today. Feeling a little bored, listless, like...I need a new flavor of something.
    This too shall pass, it always does. xxx

  7. YOU are amazing my dear and I bet the best is yet to come!

  8. oh robin...i am so grateful for you & i will keep showing up. stuff, why do we have stuff??? i guess it all goes into making us who we are. some good, some not so good, but just the right mix for a life. franc

  9. Your "stuff" is all so special. You haven't knitted lately but I see that as a good. Who's to say if it's a change for the better, but most certainly a change for good (Wicked, the musical). I've seen you branch out into so many other avenues of creativity. Don't let that stop. Keep pushing it. As you mourn your losses, your creativity swells. Embrace that. And I shall do the same.

    Share those wonderful earrings with a reader who will know how to wear them. Right now, I'm lucky to match my socks, much less select a beautiful pair of earrings to compliment my (ah-hem) outfit.

    I want to see how far you can take your inspirational talents. Knit if you wish but continue to pursue beauty and healing in your memories.

    However, if you do decide to knit again, remember your friend Brrrrrr, who could use a major neck warmer a/k/a wrinkle hider.

    Love to you, as always.

  10. So glad you are back to creating! Keep on going...........

  11. So happy to see a post from you. I'm also thrilled to see you back in the creating swing of things. I need to get back to that place too.
    P.S. Don't enter me in your contest, I'm going to buy a pair for myself.

  12. Hey precious girl...I intend to stick with you through all your "stuff" forever and ever amen! I love you and don't you go forgetting it!

  13. Robin, thank you for your post. As I move thru a transition period in my life with my son, daughter, and step-children, I am envious of your creative outlets that allow you to make lemonade out of what seems to be a sour lemon time in your life. Look at the beautiful things that have already come out of a bit of sadness! Congratulations already to you...someone's going to have a little sparkle in their life...all because of you! Take care of yourself, Allison Astor

  14. Your earrings are beautiful, just like you.

  15. So glad I still have a shot at those beautiful earrings!! You are an amazing women and I am honored to know you!! If I can ever help, I am just a phone call away!! HUGS!


  16. Ooooh, can I skate in, just under the wire? This is lovely! I go through knitting spells too. when it was super hot all I wanted to do was make baby hats. Like I could knit away the heat. I wish it worked that way. 'make the accessories and the season will come'.... ;)


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