06 October 2011

I have healthy breast tissue. The women in my family have healthy breast tissue. Trish does not. Trish is my husband's other department member and they spend more time with each other than they spend with anyone else. He loves her and is loyal and protective of her.


he couldn't stop breast cancer. Trish is a young woman, wife and mother. She found a massive tumor a couple of months ago and has been through chemotherapy. Trish has a big surgery scheduled the Monday following the Race for the Cure event in Oklahoma City. Her family, company, and friends are rallying to support The Cure and we are Team Trish.

Trish shaved her head before the chemo could take it away. She promised her little boys to have some fun with it and sported this mohawk on her way to bare. She has never looked more beautiful. GI Jane.

She is fighting like a girl.

I will be part of Team Trish in Race for the Cure on October 16th. Please throw a little money into my bucket for the cause if you feel moved to do so. I have a little surprise handmade by me for my donors.

Now please don't think I am a good person for doing this. I have to do a little good to offset the the rest of my life.

Just wanted to be clear...


  1. Your the best! Good luck to all of you on the race and tell Trish to keep up the good fight!

  2. positive vibes for both Trish and you!

  3. Very sweet post...sending prayers for Trish...and sent a little something to your bucket...XO

  4. Aw, you cant fool us...you're a great person. And Trish does look so beautiful and strong! Sending thoughts and prayers for her and her family as her big day approaches.

  5. Tear. Go Trish, Cancer Sucks!

  6. What a beautiful girl! You are an awesome person and I hope you continue to inform us of Trish's success in her fight.

  7. Robin,
    Just put $25 in your bucket & THANK YOU for doing THE WALK! I had breast cancer in 2005 & am soooooooooo thankful to have caught it early. I am saying prayers for Trish as it STINKS she is so young & has to fight this horrible MONSTER! But, with folks like you & your hubby... it makes it much more bearable knowing people care! Good luck with the walk! And once again... I don't get to see you for Glitter Market when my buddy Charlotte Perez comes up (I had hoped to come too) because I'm going to Austin for a PMC Silve Clay Class that weekend. Have fun without me & know that I'm pouting. HUGS!

  8. I am so with you. Cancer sucks the big one...seriously. Going to put my bit in for darling Trish, you and all the others.


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