11 April 2012

1600 Inches with Mrs. Hilfiger

I am so very happy to have gotten back to my machine.  I have been mostly sewing on paper for a long while but my great love is quilting really and I had forgotten just how good it feels.
1600 Inches Quilt by Jemellia

I enrolled in an excellent class at out premier quilt shop Quiltworks, turns out the teacher was my best bird Jemellia.
The class quilt is made with a 'jelly roll' or 1600 inches of two inch wide strips packaged as a roll. I used Rouenneries Deux from French General, but of course.

Let's take a moment and be reverent...
Je was a great teacher, really, she is such an excellent seamstress and whisperer of fabric. and that's not just for the whoopie pies...handmade whoopie pies...
Dear Lord, thank you for my sewing machine, hands and time...
Here is my completed quilt top in the entry.
Oh Spencer, get offa that!
And finally, speaking of naughty boys...April 11 is my beloved father's birthday. What a great dad he was. I love this picture of him (middle) in the Armed Air Forces. He and a couple of buddies about 1941 "half-tight" before their European sorties during WWII.
That optimism is bittersweet.


  1. The quilt making looks like fun! I've never done any before...love the fabrics, as does Spencer obviously! The photo of your dad is really great!

  2. Awww, this is lovely to see! You were a great student! That was such a fun day, thanks for signing up and for the love!

    Happy birthday, Mr. Floyd.

  3. Love the quilt! And you are right about Miss Jemellia is a GREAT teacher...!

  4. How fun! This makes me want to take a class with Jemellia. I bet she's an awesome, entertaining teacher. And the photo of your daddums is so cute! They're all smiles and soda pops. :-)

  5. Ah... that Jemellia- brilliant, that Spencer- such a kissable nose, and that photo of your dad and cronies- fantastic!

  6. Good Gawd Spencer! ;) Looks like a fun class and I love the pic of your dad. Glad someone caught that fun moment he was having. Super sweet!


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