23 May 2012

Uh, Yeah...April

I finished my April Photo365 at the beginning of May but I had a bicycle accident since then wherein I hurt myself, and worse, my friend who also went down with me. I broke my hand, which is an inconvenience. Also my right underarm needs attention I can no longer give it.

So many people are suffering.
I just heard a 41 year old friend who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has metastasized to her liver. Her daughters are 11 and 2. 

So I am feeling healthy and lucky to be sure.

I did break the fall with my hand and face and have some gnarly pictures to share soon.

Meanwhile, announcements have been sent and my girl graduates from high school early June. So many feelings, memories and thoughts. I am typing with one hand so

It must suffice to say how proud I am with the friendships she has formed. They will be important through out her life. Mine kept me going. I even had a bike wreck with one recently after which she said there is no one she would rather get road rash with.

Allie has that, thank God. Thank you God.

When my face was pre-gravel, I posted this April Favorites video.
God hates vanity I'm pretty sure...


  1. I am so sorry...also because I know how it feels. I broke a fall once with my right hand and broke my wrist. Heal fast.
    Love, Colette xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh, Robin. So glad you're okay.

  3. What the HELL? OHMYWORD..........living life with one hand......you poor little thing. I wish you a very speedy recovery. Love you.

  4. Dang it!!!! A broken hand would put me over the edge for sure : ) I hope it AND your face heals fast dear Robin!

    I could watch you on video all day long my friend. I WILL be trying that mascara too.
    hugs from here...

  5. Oh my goodness....Robin...I am so sorry about your accident!

    Please get well soon!


  6. I am so sorry you fell and the hand just makes it worse, huh? I slightly know how you feel, slightly. I walked right into the step-up window area of my Talbots, fell full body flat. My glasses caused my left eye to take most of the fall. That happened about Mar 27th and I still have a slight bruise on my cheek. We had to go to FL for a wedding the next weekend. Lovely pics, I'm sure. I am just glad nothing worse happened to either of us (brain damage). Take care of yourself and if the other victim is a real friend, she'll help you with that underarm....

  7. *snort*
    Debe... "and if the other victim is a real friend, she'll help you with that underarm...."

    I picked up some handmade soap in Scotland... rose-patchouli. For the last week the Farmboy and I have been walking around smelling like two little, old, gray haired ladies trying to mask our pot addictions. I'm totally loving it.

  8. Well, crap, Robin! I'm so behind on my blog reading and just now this. I am so sorry! I hope it heals quickly and you don't have any complications. I also hope your friend is ok.

    High school graduation is so bittersweet. I get teary just thinking about when my kids did. Kind of like an end to an era. I know you are so incredibly proud of your sweet girl. You've raised a beautiful classy "lady." Kudos to you, my sweet friend.

    Feel better. I miss you!

  9. Robinetta!!

    I love you!! I wish we could've had a bike wreck together..

    Give Allie a hug for me and tell her that if she ever needs to come to Cali she has a home...

    We talked of this day so many years ago in your sweet little apartment..You were stressing about Allie smearing cheese on the wall..

    I miss you my sweet friend..


  10. Sorry to read about your accident, ouch! I've been pretty absent, busy with my first graduating, my mom visiting, my surgery. It's been a blur, but I'm back. Hope you are soon, too. Hope the scabs aren't too itchy and the hands healing well. Take care!


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