24 July 2013

Sooooooo Sewn....

I have enrolled in the Mary Ann Moss online class SEWN.
We make our own patterned papers then sew them into various projects.
First... big loose painting.
I have learned that no matter how much I admire those that can use lots of colors at once,
I can use only one or two at a time and feel its authentic to my hands.
And I need to indulge a color combination over and over.
More, more, more...
My first project is this pattern journal...
into which patterns are painted.
I am in a creative growth spurt.
Learning and growing and yet back very much to Crayola watercolors...


  1. I use one color at a time, adding more as I go along. Unless you really know your colors, you can end up with a muddy mess. You may be learning Missy, but you are still accomplished. LOVE!

    1. I took a class with Dawn Sokol that helped with that so much. I am not a painter for sure and don't even really love paint, but I like to use some. So good to let myself play!

  2. robin - love your blog! your patterns AND your pattern book are lookin' mighty good!

    1. Dear lord, thank you so much.

      Your Remains od the Day class made years of buying stuff make sense, it truly transformed me.

      A thousand thank yous.

  3. Three things...
    1. Photo two
    2. Who knew primary colors where so fab. (photo seven)
    3. Spurt. There's that word again.

  4. I love your colors....your patterns and your book are wonderful.

    1. Thank you so much Nancy Lynn! I so rarely use color...

  5. I am taking this class too and I love it! I'm still working on my patterns... no book yet. Your book is beautiful! I clicked on your pic on the SEWN blog because I wanted to see more and it happened to be yours! Hello! -Mollie :)

    1. Mollie! Thank you!

      Isn't this class inspiring so much in you????


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