27 February 2009

Dirty Boots

I have always worn boots.

I don't know what else to wear.

I wear them and rarely clean them.

I am prairie.

I am pioneer.
I am Oklahoma.

I am the plains.

I am plain.

Eventually I get a new pair.

Shiny and new.

And I like them.

But, I will not love them until they have proven themselves.

I will walk a mile to avoid getting a door ding. The vehicle I drive now is 2 years old and doesn't have a mark on it. I sweep, polish, dust, iron, whatever it takes to keep my things looking new and neat. I take care of things.

But, boots.

Boots, however, are best valued when well used, well worn.

I tend to dance with the one that brung me...


  1. Oh, these boots are beautiful! I love boots too. I am partial to the lace-ups a la Laura Ingalls. Maybe they were a staple for me in another life ;) I've worn those kind since I was a kid and have a beautiful brown pair from Naturalizer. I am prairie too :)

  2. I love your boots! I don't have a pair, but if I did, these are the style I would like the most.

    My Mom is a total Cowgirl, and she just got a new pair of boots, but they are not nearly as stylish as yours. <3

    Hey, do you make cowgirl dolls?

    You can email me direct, if you'd like.




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