10 November 2009

Another Sweet Peek

Silver Bella approaches. It is this coming weekend in Omaha and I've been packing for it. My swaps are long since completed and mailed, now bound by the hands of Shea and ready for presentation on swap night. Here is a sneaky peek of the second page I did for the Sweetest Thing Recipe Swap.

I made a few scarves for vendor night. The neck cover at the top of this post is Ice Castles. Remember that movie? Loved it. The perennial scarf below is Silvery Moon.

This Silver Bella neck cover features a vintage rhinestone button.

The theme for the Silver Bella vendor night is 100 Aprons. In honor of that we will be doing a special give-away on our 2 Birds in a Pod blog. Check in November 12 for that. Here is a little peek at what I will be sporting for Apron night...Eeeeeek!


  1. Oh, you guys will have the best time! Let me know how it goes :) sorry I missed you at Girlie Show :( Maybe I'll see you at deluxe??
    Have a fun time! And I totally know what Ice Castles is ;) there's not a skating movie I've never seen! also taught me the valuable lesson of never ice skate in the lawn furniture ;)

  2. What is ice castles? Your partner needs to be educated in the fine art of cheesy 80's movies.

    I need me a few of those neck warmers Bert - I have a long winter ahead. Pick out a few of your faves and let me know how much I owe ya! They are all so cute, I could never decide.

    Have fun at Silver Bella - though I'm still not sure what it is. I do know if you're going to be taking your collections, you will be kicking some major ass and making a lot of other vendors jealous.

    Love the apron too but the shoes, in particular, are rocking the outfit.

    Can't wait to see you.

  3. Zen Mama, I go round and round with one of our friends about movies from the 80s. Very few I have seen. I guess it is good that I do not have a dvd player in my ride.

  4. Love this little peek of the apron the dainty legs and pointy shoes!! I just finished making Beth (quinns) apron for her , for Bella.

  5. Ok, Babe, I'm with Zen on the Ice Castle neck wrap. I need one of those! Can you make me one in say a grey and that blue flower? Would it be possible to do one in a scarf and flower in bright lime green with a Halloween orange flower? I know it sounds awful but those are Miss N's favorite colors and I think she would love it for Christmas. Also if you are feeling bountiful, my mom loves all shades of yellow and especially purples (duh! That bathroom!!). Can you make her a scarf and flower in those color(s)? Let me know what I owe you for those three if you can do them.
    Have a great time and make lots of moolah this weekend!
    Kiss, Kiss, I miss you already, Taylor!

  6. I hope you have fun at Silver Bella! It looks delightful. I love your scarves and that gorgeous apron (and those gams!).

  7. This is going to be so much fun! I love the theme too. You look so very cute in your apron and heels, just like a sweet little 50's housewife with dinner waiting on the table when her man comes home from work. ;-)


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