08 February 2010

Heart Session No. 4

Praise the bridge that carried you over.
~George Colman

For my mother and father.


  1. Another amazing post. I see so much of you in that photo of your mom. When we get together this summer, let's get some really cool black and white photos done where we all pay homage to our moms. Dark red lipstick, retro hair, really do it up.

  2. Love your heart session contributions. So lovely. If you and Zen Mama do those photos this summer make sure to show us!!

  3. Oh, I can't live without my heart sessions now. Expect some tears on Saturday.

  4. Love Love your Hearts..........from ggg

  5. Beautiful! Did you take Holly's class or Teresa's ezine?

  6. All beautiful hearts reflecting your heart strings. thanks for sharing


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