03 March 2010

Looking Back Is A Look Forward

Since I have been so swamped I haven't even walked into a junk store since November. Look back with me now at the things I found last time I found things.
This blue suitcase was disgustingly cheap. I couldn't haul it to the register fast enough.
I mean, I knocked a man down.

This is a display card for these old brown buttons. It was a little pricey for me.
I feel that if I don't need it, then it shouldn't cost much. But this I needed.

I was planning to buy this hatbox when I opened it to find it held hats.
That rose is as big as a softball or small melon.

I buy enamel tubs. I just do.
And this is a pot thing or something which apparently I also buy.

I have a collection of books about marriage and putting women in their place. This book is His Friend and His Wife. It is slightly less misoginistic than some.

Here is a cake tin and some red utensils from Second Chance in Omaha.
I obsessively collect kitchen utensils.
God, I'm fun.

These jewels cam from Jenni Bowlin at Silver Bella. I wold love to shop her again.

And I just bet I do.
I am trying to be more upbeat. Is it working?
Fake it 'til you make it, right?


  1. Yes, it is good to think of the things that bring you joy during a dark time. Thanks for sharing these wonderful finds of yours. Each one reveals a little more of your heart to us. I want to see you in that hat with the big rose.

  2. This sure perked me up!!!! Love all of these yummy finds!!! You have a great eye for thriftin' treasures!! I am in awe that the hat box had the hats in it!!! What a treasure!!!
    I collect suitcases, enamelware and red kitchen utensils too.
    Our weather is so pretty!!

  3. Whatever it takes, girl! Thanks for sharing all your great finds. Hope the guy you knocked over is ok...well, not really...the things you do for LOVE..*WINK*WINK!

  4. Miss Robin I think you hit the jack pot! Love all the junk.....don't we all have the same problem.

  5. Oh girl, you need to tell me where you shop. I never find good stuff like that! :)

  6. I like that pot thingy and really enjoyed Jenni's booth too.

  7. I'm loving the button card, Robin. And I, as well, love Jenni's booth at SB.


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