23 March 2010

This Is This

I gave a peek at a project in my last post. Here is full frontal viewing of one of the pieces. It is a journal ala Rebecca Sower's Hodge-Podge Journal I am currently obsessed with. I made it as a gift for Holly Abston's baby shower given recently by Shelley Overholt and Holly's sister Amy.

Holly is having a little boy this time. She had a boy baby the last time, and the time before that. This journal uses the number three often and of course that blue. You know THAT blue? The cover bears a page from an old hymnal titled "O Blessed Son of God." Oops did I make Holly cry? Awwww, shoot.

That image is a baby boy riding a stork. The music page reads "brotherhood."

Just browse through some of the pages...

In 1210 she is having number 3.

It was such a joy to work on a page here and there while taking care of mother.

Art nurtures.

That bird bears a crown with the initial "R."

I completely love working with paper and glue.

Above is the interior of the back cover. The book page number 3 had "born" circled.

The back cover displays a fusion of symbols for Holly and me. I met Holly taking a crown making class at Paper Crown. Birds, eggs and wings are themes I always use.

Here is to a boring delivery and a healthy boy, dear Holly.


  1. This is so wonderfully creative and oh so sweet.
    Nothing like a new baby boy on the way to celebrate with art!!
    I love the numbers peeking through the torn vellum and the birds and eggs... oh and the crown....the music paper...and oh yes the poms..one of my faves too..gee I think I love it all...I am sure she will cherish it forever.
    I need to go back and take another peek....
    Hope you are enjoying the fabulous Spring weather!

  2. Baby Abston will love his baby book made by his Auntie Robin. I love what you did to the pages. What a special gift and I know Holly will love writing and putting little treasured pictures in it.

    Little books are so much fun to make, but more fun to give to that special someone. Way to go!

  3. Beautiful! I love the bird images. Huge bird fan. :)

  4. I'm crying again, sweet Robin. Thank you for such a beautiful gift. It's so special because you made every little bit meaningful. Thank you so much, my beautiful friend.

  5. Your creativity combined with the joy in your heart when you are making something like that for someone special is truly awe inspiring. How can you possess so much talent in those hands and that heart?

  6. I loved it!!! Holly said she is thinking about using it as a book for pictures and to write down all those cute things the boys say. You are such a considerate gal!!!!

  7. Oh Robin, Holly is going to adore this! It is really beautiful! So many sweet details!!!

  8. It's wonderful Robin! Bet she loved it!
    Reminds me that I'm way behind on mine (using it as an art journal).

  9. This is just delicious, bird. Did you stick tissues in one of the envelopes? Someone should.


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