16 July 2010

Eight is Enough

This weekend represents another in a long line of nearly annual visits with essential women I have known and loved for many years. We went to high school together. Factions of us were close at the same time or different, forming and reforming units like marching band formations. About 9 years ago we started emailing regularly. There is rarely a day in all these years that there is not an email from one of us. We are resolutely supportive. We are loyal. We are tough. We don't mind saying "hey, stop it, you deserve to be treated better," "girl, you look good," "go for it, you are smart and the capable," and even "you better pull your head outta' your ass."

We have buried brothers, mothers and fathers. Even a child. We have been married, divorced, remarried or are currently looking for love. Promotions, changes, moves, hormones, surgeries. Darkness, despair, floating, happy, light. Often things are shitty for many of at at once. Always we are happy to be together even when there are tears, fears and tension. There is no competion only accolades. There is no putting yourself down, only getting lifted up.

And I bring joy to all with my dancing.

Angie put it very well in a blog post that ends like this

     "So the stars lined up for us, doors were opened that had previously been slammed shut and all eight of  us will be there to laugh and cry, to expose our outer beauty and our inner demons. If you feel the earth shift a bit in mid-July, don't worry, it's just Tina giving everyone a good hard mushing.

     I need these women like a horny dog needs a leg to hump. I want to grab on and never let go (figuratively of course)."


  1. Not everyone has a posse like this. You are all really lucky gals to have each other for better or worse and richer or poorer in sickness and health...... Pretty special:) ~Shelley O.

  2. OH YAY! The work filter is gone and I can comment! Hallelujah! Off to catch up on my comments...

  3. Hey girl you are one lucky friend and so are they. Friendships like this are rare.
    I am one of a group of seven face to face friends that will run to the aide of the other at the drop of a hat. It is one of my dearest blessings.

  4. Oh man, I'm sick.

  5. I am still just so fascinated by this fabulous group of girls you speak of. It sounds so perfect and real, like something that would inspire a great book. Hmmm... I happen to know that at least one of them is an amazing writer....

  6. There you go humping legs again! I think it is wonderful that you have this special group of friends who has gotten beyond high school and recovered what is truly good in each other. I have my bestie from high school two doors down from me in a different state. I don't think I have heard from any of the rest in years.

    You are fortunate, Robin, but you sure deserve it!


  7. You crazy girl.
    I'm not sure how they can put up with you...they MUST love you a LOT! tee hee!!!!
    Such awesome friendship girl...truly awesome :)

  8. Love her a lot is a huge understatement!! We are the luckiest group in the world-for we are forever bound with a love that continues to grow. My sides are sore from the laughter we shared! P


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