29 September 2010

September Snapshot: A Boy and His Dog


  1. I love candid photos like this! Hope you are having a beautiful day! :) Tammy

  2. Very touching. I'm a sucker for good dog photos. Is that your boy?

  3. Hello Hello I am visiting you from Suz & Kat's Katsui Jewelry blog ... didn't want to comment a second time on your lovely giveaway ... well I did WANT to ;), but thought I shouldn't
    Your PEACE pendant is amazing times two and paired with Suz' delicate glass flower earrings ... what a gorgeous prize.
    Thank you for the chance to be a lucky winner.
    It was a nice opportunity for me to get to visit you. There is so much to see and enjoy ... your creativity and enthusiasm are inspiring.
    oxo from Virginia, USA
    p.s. Love your photography too!


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