28 September 2010

September Snapshot: East Through The Storm


  1. love your new banner!!
    and background.
    are those felted nests and eggs that i spy??
    i've been wanting to try felting forevah..maybe today will be the day!!!
    on the centerpiece..great minds and all that..although i lost my marbles a few years back....
    how about this weather??

  2. i love your new banner!
    Those images are under Tim Holtz fragments!

    Thanks for dropping in!

    Have you got all your things ready for SB? And are you and Jem going to have a booth on vendor night?

  3. Hey, my friend,

    All this water is making me want to wet my pants! Ummm...because I like your photos so much!

    Can you make your own banners, too, stinker?


  4. Tried to answer your email but my commuter won't send things out...it is a problem with my company and I (or someone more savvy) will call them tomorrow.

    I am thinking of the scarf I want you to create for me. Then I will have a Robin scarf and a Jem apron. I have a somewhat dorky coat I got at the end of last year from Lands End. It is red. I am wondering about a hot pink, red and turquoise scarf. Like maybe with the turquoise as the main color?

    Woke up at three. Only about three hours off! Couldn't do much yesterday. Today will be better.

    Hugs and thinking of you,


You have no idea how much this comment means. I really thank you for taking time to connect with me. This is why we are here, isn't it?

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