07 July 2011

Oh! K.C.

I am thrilled renowned American textile artist K.C. Willis is coming to OKC to teach her Collage Camp class at Paper Crown 24 September 2011. Well done Cindy on bringing this artist to us!
K.C. Willis has collaged Americana and Women of the West for many years, really pioneering this form of art. As she works, these saddle gals speak to her. She often incorporates their whispers into the collage. Her work is full of wit and grit.

She usually teaches out of her studio but as taken her show on the road this year with plans to remain closer to her Colorado home in the upcoming year. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity to work with this special artist.

Sign up at K.C.'s site soon. I would not miss this chance for the world. I am so excited to be in her company!


  1. Ack! I need to check my calendar... like now.

  2. Damnit, I will be in Argentina...........(sob !!!). Make one for me...please, pretty please?

  3. I LOVE her, and she is practically my neighbor! She is teaching the Flag class at her studio and I am hoping to take it!!

  4. You are so lucky! If she is near Maija, she is near my sil's! I can't wait to see what you do with this, Robin!

  5. I signed up for this too Robin! Should be a wonderful class and I can hardly wait. I look forward to seeing you :)

  6. History meets craft? Omg yes! I'm kinda out of the loop when it comes to famous crafty people, and this is my first time hearing about her. I love it! Are you going? That's probably a dumb question since you seem so excited about it...

  7. Totally lovin' the shabby goodness going on here. They are beautiful! :)

  8. Robin, I have missed seeing what is up in your world. Thought I'd drop in. I hated missing the Gilded Life Event again... seems like every time YOU go I DON'T! What's up with that???? That was my BDay weekend & Hubby had plans for us. I know you had fun.

    KC looks like an awesome teacher. I am taking a class with her in December & can't wait! HUGS!

  9. What beautiful pieces...the flag is really amazing!


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