05 December 2011


I bought the cutest journals from Jackie Peters at Glitter Market. Everything I make I also buy and that's how I have more! of everything! Even though more never simplifies I do try to use (not just hoard) what I have these days. Ergo Reverb11. It is a December daily journal prompt from Hope Wallace over at Besottment. Her journals are hand lettered and Victorian and fresh all at the same time.

I am joining in using one of my new Jackie journals.

And I am too busy and I have no time and blah, blah blah, but I love the idea of wrapping up the year with this kind of journal. Hope's prompts are reflections over this year, not just about the Holiday season. Especially this year when I lost mother, and Allie is on her way out the door, I really want to record the view from here.

And just in case you are a school supply nerd like me...the pen I am using is the Uni-ball Signo Premier 207. It's a gel roller ball pen that I LOVE using on paper. I never have loved gel pens but this one is somehow just so good on these cardstocks and such. I prefer the Uni-ball Premier Jetstream which is a hybrid ink that is quick drying and waterproof over a painted page. I use it in my art journal I started as part of the Brave Girls Soul Restoration workshop.

And in case you are an atomic nerd for pens, the reviews on Amazon.com are very serious. I read them and roll my eyes at "these" people and then I keep reading...


  1. Oooh! I must read those reviews! You know, for material...

    I love the journals, Jackie, & Hope! Looking good, girl.

    What a hard 2 years...

  2. Awesome journal !


  3. The journal looks wonderful, Robin! You really are a creative person!

  4. cute journal! And it is great to have a a journal reflecting upon the year, I hope my prompts help you fill your journal!

  5. Oh my goodness, this post is entirely responsible for a sudden urge I'm feeling to start a journal. It was something I loved to do as a girl and even a teen, but as an adult all I've done is blog. You're right though, there's something very special about putting pen to paper...


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