28 February 2012

Three Blog Years: Winner Three

Thank you guys for reading this blog. It has been a great source of joy and healing for me. Even when I struggle with continuing it, something wonderful blossums. Spring always comes.

Winner of the ephemra pack from give-way three is Jackie, who has been so generous with me. So that works out just great. In the mail soon sweet Jackie.

Here is another video. I realized why I have been doing them near the end...


  1. Hi Robin! What a great video. Although I'm not much into wearing makeup because I'm retired, I love hearing your opinion on the various products you purchase and use. I hope with time, the pain from the loss of your Mom will ease. Have a wonderful day.


  2. Sweet Robin. Just keep making these videos! I will never get tired of hearing about your shopping experiences and the joy you have sharing them with us! You know your mom is watching and enjoying each video!

    And I am thrilled to be the winner of your giveaway!

    love ya girl

  3. Robin, I love that you are reaching out and sharing to help ease the pain of not being able to share with your Mom. I totally understand. I miss that about my sister. We would share new product finds with each other all of the time and this video reminded me of just how much I miss that. This month has been hard for me and I have been trying to out run the dark cloud. I love your videos. I think you are sweet and funny and sassy all rolled up into one little cute package. Take care, my dear.

  4. near...far...


  5. LOVING seeing your videos!!!

    I STILL call blush rouge :)


  6. Thank you for sharing, Robin. xoxo.

  7. Aw, Robin...I'm watching! I love your videos and I get tickled watching them, too...you had me laughing with this one, from the drag queen contours to head sized bronzer! I need to kabuki myself up a tan, too lol! You really are a sweetheart! You introduced me to a few brands I have not heard of, too! And with my dry skin, I am a big fan of cream blush...

  8. Robin, I love you and I love make-up and talking about it. Thank you for sharing your sweet self with us. Keep 'em coming, okay?

  9. Your videos are always so entertaining AND informative! Like spf expiring- I did not know that. And is the spf moisturizer your secret to looking young? Because you seriously look like you could be my daughter.

  10. Also I just want to say that I watch every second of your videos like a total groupie because you are a fun, sweet person who oozes character. I am happy to be one of the many people in your audience, lovely girl!

  11. First, congratulations to Jackie! She deserves your goodies!

    I am watching this video at 3:36 a.m. and I'm happy to do so. It's funny, I was thinking, "I will watch a video that Robin makes about makeup and I have not an interest in wearing it at all." Of course I'll watch them! Then, at the end of your video, it made sense, other than the fact that I want to see what you like and what you bought. It is so much fun to talk about what shopping we've done--even if it is groceries!

    Thank you Betty Jean for sharing your creation with us.



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