06 March 2012


Not like I need to challenge myself. My every thought, frankly is a challenge in one way or another. But heading into this year I decided not to work this semester so I could just be present for my daughter's senior year. I find myself walking in circles and mainly walking her to the car and waving good-bye. I have decided it would be a good focus to participate in a photo a day challenge. i am following the Positively Present 366 challenge where each month focuses on a different color.

I am exclusively using my iPhone camera for this as well as the Instagram, Phonto and Photo365 apps. I used Picasa to create this collage and printed out 8x 10 so I can do some kind of journal later with all twleve. If I follow through all year anyway.

Thank you for the love on these videos. Here are my February favorites.


  1. Are you wearing a Jeanne Oliver dress? I've been dreaming about getting one, but wondering if it'll fit my plethora of hippage!

  2. he he ... Spencers meets The Body Shop... Wow! That could go SO many different directions. :) Thank you for the review on the Loreal lipliner and gloss. Nasty. I needed a new liner, but I'll stick with what I've been using (when I use it that is!). I'm adding the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to today's shopping list! Oh great Robin.. how do you store and clean your makeup brushes?? XOXO

  3. Another great ROBIN video! Love Love Love it!

  4. I hope you make it through the year. I'd like to see what you do with them all. And thanks for adding the apps. I had not heard of the 365.

    Does the rosebud lipbalm not smear across your face during the night? Maybe I flop about too much in my sleep.

  5. About two weeks ago I accidentally stumbled upon a local LUSH shop. It was unreal.....and like you, I could not believe the array of products. I will return to purchase the lipscrub......sounds yum. Robin, you make me laugh in every single video. I love that you have chosen to produce them. Keep up the good work.

  6. oh, robin,
    I had no idea you were a beauty product junkie! Not me, but Kat, could probably have a three hour conversation with you on each product. I thought it was fun to watch you and my Minnesota lips need some of the exfoliating stuff! Weeping is starting. Grief kinda sucks.

  7. Oh mercy honey! I am laughing out loud! First of all, so good to hear your voice! I miss you so much. I am a total product junkie too! I took notes...going to try the cuticle cream for sure...and the lip scrub! Thanks for the reviews! Glad you are taking a few months off as Allie finishes HS. With all the interests you have you should have NO trouble staying occupied!

  8. I ran to SupeTarget and found the ELF makeup. I followed your lead, bought the eye kit and think I got a real bargain. Love your videos. What fun!!!

  9. "I would wear it on my clothing- that's how much I like it."

    ^I lol'd SO MUCH at that! Also, I'm a fellow Ulta junkie. I usually do not spend a ton of time or money shopping for cosmetics and hair products, but Ulta brings it out in me. And so do you.

  10. You could be qualified for a free Apple iPhone 7.


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