05 September 2012

Lake Alone Two

Day One continued.
An hour. I slept an hour. After about 5 sleepless nights I refuse to feel
guilty. I got (mostly) over the shame of the nap while grieving for my mother.
Grief is a cold trek over a mountain alone only to find another mountain.
It's exhausting. Now I seem to just nap for the pleasure of lying down and
drifting away to wake up and find more day left.
Started another bracelet. My goal is to have three done for the late October
Glitter Market. I only do one show a year now. These bead woven bracelets take
about 9 hours to complete. There is a pleasant repetition in the work. I had a
bead situation this morning though and had to drive into town to get more options.
Thank you Walmart. They have quite a few cute things now. Upping their game. It
must be difficult to compete with the fresh forward buyers of Target. I feel no
sorrow for them of course.

Beading and watching that delicious Michele Williams in My Week With Marilyn.
She is such a good actress. I feel in love with her in Broke Back Mountain. I hope
she sticks with it. I think she will have an epic career given the right
opportunities. An Oscar might help.
Then Bowtie pesto pasta with artichokes. I poured myself a glass of wine. It had
gone bad . Poured it out. Oh well. Dinner on the porch. The birds were coming
around. But so did the squirrels and a naughty one broke one of the feeders.
To my favorite spot at the farm gate. Sunset across the pasture. I have taken
this picture hundreds of times. I can never edit it down to one. I am greedy
with sunsets.
Knitting. TV. Bed. Slept all the night...


  1. Great.
    Slept all night: priceless!

  2. Hey sweet girl!!! It's been 4 EVER since I've visited! I see you are doing pretty well. Glad you are taking some YOU TIME! And congrats on your little bird flying the nest. College is a big deal. I know you'll miss her but, you'll really get to grow too. Painful now but, it's OK... You said it "She gets to start her life". I would LOVE to hook up sometime soon & just hang out. HUGS!

  3. I love your sunset photos. I enjoy it when you post them on FB.
    Also, I don't know if you saw this... it's fantastic.

  4. You might be eligible for a complimentary $350 Walmart Gift Card.


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