09 October 2012

Forever 32

It is this man's birthday today.
I have loved my big brother a lifetime
and missed him for 34 years.
I also still love denim.


  1. Happy birthday, brother! You are loved and missed.

  2. Also this song just started blaring in my head when I thought about the fact that I never knew your brother but I care about him because I see the impact he left on a precious person like you. Warning, don't listen unless you're okay with possibly crying.


  3. Robin, what a handsome, handsome fellow he was. My thoughts are with you today. BESOS !!!!!!

  4. Hey Sweet Girl, you are in my thoughts especially today! I actually know how your heart feels at the lose of your brother; but we can also experience the joy they left us in the wonderful people in your nephew and my niece! We are both so lucky to have been related to such kind souls!

    Julie B.

  5. Thank you for sharing this photo, Robin! Thinking of you...XOXO

  6. oh, robin. i get it. i am so sorry.
    we never quit missing them, do we?
    love you, robin.


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