01 October 2012

The Summer Collages

June: Cloud
I kept it up all summer, the Positively Present Photo365 Challenge.
I chose not to follow the suggestion for royal blue.
July: White.
I just hadn't shown you.
August: Robin's Egg Blue
So here they are...
I surprised myself daily...


  1. WOW!Just beautiful Robin. That's a Summer to be enjoyed!

    Now I hope your fall is as awesome my friend.
    sending hugs your way...

  2. Beautiful, Robin! What a fun way to remember your summer!

  3. Wow! Love them, Robin! Sure enjoyed Shelley at Handmade U. You OKC gals are a kick!
    Big hugs,

  4. Your photos and your collages are stunning! I should really find a good collage application as I have photo ocd. What do you use to make yours?

    I love your eye for color and way you captured your summer.

    I'm very far behind reading and commenting, but wanted to add that your previous post's photos are gorgeous.

  5. I liked the all the photos on instagram, but they are so gorgeous put together in collage form.

    And you new blog header... yeah.

  6. These are gorgeous, Robin! You'll look back one day and be so glad you did this. I realized lately that I need to be documenting more of my life. I just can't stop looking at these- they're so interesting!


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