09 April 2013

Handmade U Frosh

It happens almost everytime. I think I am done blogging, then I get inspired
and can't wait to share. I am feel very much like creating after my weekend
at Rachel McGough's Handmade U event in Omaha.
Shelley Overholt of Tuttle, Oklahoma and I flew to Omaha. Really enjoyed that Shelley.
Of course everyone does.
Handmade U features two full day classes, a format I had not experienced
and really enjoyed.
Dawn Sokol led a Tape Bound Journal class.
We made a journal with tape and paint and general frolic.
She then provided exercises in doodling with TIME TO DOODLE. How about that??
Camille McClelland (right) led a two project leather tooling class.
She is the leather whisperer...
 I made the cuff below which bears my word for the year....
and the flower cluster which will become a pendant.
Look. Table space...
and snacks...
I just want to play all day. I am full of ideas and am worthless at other parts of my life now. More worthless than usual is accurate to say...
I am thinking to resurrect my idea of having classes at my husband's salvage shop
Oklahoma Barn Market.
Shelley has been asking about a doll class for a few years.
I am thinking about it...
Much fun at Handmade U. Thank you Rachel.
Here is Michelle and Mollie.
I got to sit next to Alisa Noble and just wear her smooth out. Double double...
However I did have to deal with this shit... 
Other than people's talent to deal with, I enjoyed it and cannot wait to play!
(and I do not throw exclamation points around)


  1. Oh, please.....Have a class! We have so much talent here in Oklahoma. I would sign up in a heartbeat.

  2. Robin, it was so FUN having you at Handmade U!! It was totally worth the wait to have you finally arrive! Glad you enjoyed yourself and are inspired now!! xoxo

    1. Serioulsy good stuff Rachel. You did it right!

  3. Well Miss Creative Robin is back in the swing.....thank goodness.......I never count you out on creativity Robin because you are just full of it and it just oozes from you and you know it girl........So glad you had a fun time!

    1. Thank you Jackie. I wonder how you do all that you do. I must need more coffee!

  4. Robin, it's fun to share your experiences...you do some really awesome things!

    1. Oh Linda, your friendship and support never wavers. Much love!

  5. Wow....how fun! Ok, I admit it ...I'm jealous. Looks like it was an awesome trip. I love the cuff bracelet you created. Looking forward to hearing more about the doll class. Had planned on asking you at book club if you had any available for sale for my Violet. Now I can come to your class and
    create one with you!! Let us know a date!! Bobbie

    1. Thank you Bobbie! I am I am toying with the idea of an all day Saturday class or two evenings. We shall see!

  6. rObIN...looks like you & Shelley had a fabulous time, with the two of you, who wouldn't??? Oh, please, pLeAsE teach us a class. And you know how I hate to beg...miss you like crazy!!! frAnC

  7. I love that you said "shit." :-)

    Seriously, it was SO wonderful to see you! I truly enjoyed spending time with you. You are wildly talented and your kind words and encouragement were very much appreciated. Until next time! xoxo

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time - Lots of great projects.
    I´m sure it most have been lots of fun.

  9. Robin, it breaks my heart that I couldn't be there with you all! But I sure appreciate seeing that weekend through your eyes! The journal looks amazing and the leather cuff was one of the many reasons why I wanted to go. Oh, well... next semester. Let's hope my life has settled down by then!


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