23 May 2013

Hope For Oklahoma Art Auction

On Memorial Day, Monday 27 February 2013
an auction
to raise money for Oklahoma tornado survivors will be hosted on Facebook. 
Heather Ales has taken on this task and has over 50 artists contributing handmade art pieces. All bidding will be on Facebook comments. Items will appear Monday.
It is will easy. Art will be plentiful. The need is great.
Here is a photo of my own young cousin's home and car devestated on Monday 20 February.
My contributions to the auction from me from right here in Oklahoma...

Please spread the news.


  1. Awesome project and great way to help!

  2. Hi Robin!
    Thinking about you and your family! So happy HEather has organized something so wonderful!

    Love you-


    1. Thank you Kaari, such sadness here.

      I love what you donated to the auction project. Thank you...

  3. There just aren't words.

    But that Heather...

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