05 May 2013

My Dear Pearl

My husband bought an old desk yesterday.
Turns out the drawer was filled with postcards.
I have collected postcards of Oklahoma scenes for nearly ten years
and feel that these fell into the right hands as
many were mailed to Oklahoma.
I was so touched by the posts.
This one from Long Beach, CA to Meridian, Oklahoma in what looks like the late 1920s...
My Dear Pearl,
I wish you could inhale some of this lovely cool sea breeze. I am sure it would make you well. Georgia wrote that you are better.
I am so glad. Lots of love, Ada
It seems that the writers always meant to show good humor.
Ada wrote on the cover regarding the fine Craftsman house,
"I haven't acquired one just like this one yet."
Here is to Pearl, Ada and Georgia.


  1. What a fabulous find, Robin! What joy to have a piece of someone's history and to let your mind travel to what the missing details are! Warms my heart!

  2. I love old cards like this...and the message is so sweet...it makes you wonder about the people and their lives. Thanks for sharing, Robin!

  3. Oh my goodness...........a wonderful treasure!

  4. That's pretty fabulous.
    And I love the name Pearl.


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