06 August 2013

Dude. Lee.

After having enjoyed Dawn DeVries at Handmade U in Spring 2012,
I enrolled in her online Doodle Camp.
Over a one week period we made a little journal and started coloring, basically.
There is something about Dawn's prompts that feel like permission
rather than assignments to me.
I have done this mix of amorphous color with the fine control of the black ink.
I was quite low through July and my work reflects it, not in content but in scale.
Small. Tedious. For that is often all I can handle.
I am obsessed with getting doodly.


  1. *like* a lot.
    but you already know that.

  2. LOVE your doodles! Doodling and I don't seem to get along, unfortunately.

    1. Thank you so much I love that it takes paper, a pen and nothing more.

  3. I love your doodling, Robin...beautiful, fine work!


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