04 September 2013

Do What You Love

Stephanie Ackerman came to OKC and taught at My Heart's Fancy.
This second class was about doodle, stamp and stitch.

We doodled...

We carved...

My simplistic boxes stamp...

...put to use.

Stephanie doodles on fabric using Prismacolor pens.

I tried it on my new journal inspired by her.

She and I. Really what a doll she is.
Funny, talented, supportive, authentic...


  1. My eyeballs just exploded. This is all so beautiful! That is a really nice picture of you two!

    I bought a lot of blocks to carve stamps, it is so fun, next one up is a Je's Bend stamp!

    1. Geninne's book has inspired you? Looking forward to seeing you getcho carve on!

  2. Love your work, Robin! Your doodling and stamps are awesome!

    1. Thank you thank you. I needed another obsession...right????

  3. Just wow! It was so fun to see what you are learning and exploring ((clap))!! Makes me want to dig out my carving tools :-P Hugs!

    1. I really do mean to sit down and carve. Why is it I always think there will be some endless stretch of time???

      Stephanie Ackerman is great. she does have some online classes although I haven't tried them.

      See you soon!


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