09 September 2013

Eight Years Old

Recently, I texted Alisa that after all my creative work and growth,
 it comes down to paper, pen and Crayolas.
Full circle...
Creating is very much about being present... being in the moment.
this morning I could not help but see my eight year old self, head tilted to the left, looking at the junction of pen and paper...drawing and coloring....
Creating is a quiet connection to the self, past, present and future.
A time machine.
Eternal...in God's imagine.
These thoughts came to me.
 I feel 8,
and happy.


  1. I love this so much, Robin...I hope I always keep my 8-year old self in my spirit...

  2. This is beautiful, Robin.I feel I have lost so much time and can never get my mojo back. Maybe i need to return to "eight." Hugs.

    1. Play Suz, color, draw. that's all, nothing more than that.



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