13 January 2014

January 2014 So Far

Started this needlepoint project, it is enormous and I expect it to take about ten years. Really.
Watched my Sooners beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.
Allie went.
She is with her adorable cousin, Lee, from New Orleans here.
Visited my parents.
Experimenting with Italian wines.
Participating in Root, a 30 day journaling project.
Obsessing with this girl and her abundant doggy ears.
Figured this out...


  1. sounds like a great january to me. I'm with Italien wine too and love your journal project.

  2. You keep up the research. I'll find us yeti coats.

  3. Lucille's curly ear hair.


    Your journaling.

    The flowers.

    Good looking start to 2014.

  4. That ear. Yes. I take dozens of photos a month of it...

    Lee, yes, smart, adorable, funny, Sooner fan.

    Thank you.


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