20 April 2009

Magpie of April

I recently found this lovely scales seen in the photo above along with those old glass flower earrings. You probably think I will talk about finding balance in my life. Actually the rust is always more interesting than the shine so I thought I would mention that I am a voyeur. I have been one as long as I can remember. I used to look at people while shopping and want to know what was in their bag. I would look at the ladies purses in church and wonder what kind of lipstick might be inside. I have always looked at people's shopping carts and put together a whole story, single, going home to have frozen pizza and ice cream. Mom with a baby and a child's birthday. I started this as I was checking out late one Friday night with Doritos, Oreos and a feminine hygiene product.

I walk my dog after dark hoping to glimpse inside someone's house. During movies I am more likely to look at the drapes than the actor. At the Lourve I noticed the frames rather than the paintings. My name is Robin, I am a voyeur.

In this twittering world of the Internet you can look at people's profiles, pictures and posts. You can sit alone and read, snickering at their spelling, longing for that artwork or the stroll followed by an impromptu picnic. I absolutely love when people post a blog about what they have bought. That is my melange of voyeuristic treats. In that tradition, I will show you what I have collected this month.

I almost always pick up books, new or old. They don't take up much room, have inherent value, look fabulous in the home and as a by-product make you look studious, which I actually am, so that is some truth in advertising. In other words the carpet matches the drapes. Look at the color plate in this one. Chills, honey.

I also collect anything Oklahoma, that is a whole other topic of discussion but here is a Gene Autry book. Oklahoma's yodeling cowboy as if you didn't know...

One can never go wrong with jewelry. If I am to follow the tradition of other blogs I would now say 'you never where where in my work these might turn up.' But the truth is I will probably just leave them in this cigar box only to occasionally run my fingertip across the pieces whilst saying "shiny."

Jewelry doesn't take up much room like, say, if you were to collect chairs. Yeah, well, I collect chairs. Children's chairs, not like sectionals. A ladder is useful as well.

Also I haul home doll chairs since I make dolls. However, I rarely sit my dolls in my chairs, because then you can't see the chairs. There's a good plan.

I compulsively collect utensils. I just do. My dolls often hold them. And that makes sense to me.

So just as you are looking at this, I will be somewhere watching, surfing, jeering, wondering what is in that house, cabinet, closet, purse, wallet, mind....


  1. why hello miss robin! I think I may actually get a comment thru on your post! {finally got my browser glitch figured out!} I am always tickled to see that I am in good company with my constant "collecting"! I love your treasures! and that egg litho...oh me...oh my! I aDoRe those! I so much enjoy talking with you! stop by my blog as I have a giveaway going on right now that I think may be of interest!
    birds of a feather??:)
    have a great one!

  2. Hehe, isnt blogging and facebook and all this other info collecting stuff just the heaven of voyeurs? I admit, I love it too. I hate when I find an artist I love and "what?! They have no blog?! How on earth am I going to get to know them?!"
    I think my strongest collecting compulsion is for old pictures. Especially for children. When I see them tagged and for sale I feel a strong need to rescue them and give them a home...

  3. So tell me this, do you also wonder where people in such and such car are driving to? :) I do.

    Love the jewelry.

  4. Hi thank you for your sweet comment... I am glad we connected... I love your finds.. that old silverware would make some great windchimes... mmmm xoxoxo laura

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