26 April 2009

Forgotten Yet Found

I was out of town last weekend in southeastern Oklahoma around a lovely huge lake. I brought photographs of a few things I loved. I am personally obsessed with rust. It could be called patina which is a lovely word. My own face exhibits the patina of joy and time. Sounds good, but plain ol' rust is so beautiful, broken down and virulent.

'Round here we call this fence bob ware. I thought it was a man's name for a while, from Steinbeck, his horse was named Doxology. Look at this chaos of vines blossoming freely around this bob ware fence.

Patina is the natural progression of red paint, weather and time.

This is like the ink blot test. I see a butterfly.

This was near an all-but-abandoned trailer. Dear iris still push through, unattended. A bird bath perches on this rock, dry but unmoved.

The enormous rock beside the road is the size of a box van. In the center lies a perfect fossil of a fish. No doubt it swam in salt water right in the big 'ol dry middle of Oklahoma.

I call this "consumption."

What was built by man, let nature put asunder...


  1. Oh, I just love these. I am a sucker for old time-warn buildings. cant help but wonder what their lives used to be like, who used to care for them and love them. Arent these half-wild farms romantic...in a Miss Havisham sort of way ;)

  2. I love how science and art intersect in your world in such interesting ways!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I love the chipped red. Aren't we so darn lucky in OK? So many good things.....

  4. Oh Robin! I didn't know you had a love for forgotten places too! I knew I loved your blog for a reason!!!!
    Sometimes, if I still enough...I can "hear" these places speak of their glorious past life. Or maybe I am hearing my own imagination. Either way...I love what they tell me and love to capture it through the lens.
    Your photos of this place are beautiful...wait...I hear something...ssshhhh.
    Thanks for taking me there!!!!
    everything vintage

  5. Oh I would like to email you!!! can not find a linkI love your creations.... xoxo laura

  6. hello robin my friend! what a small world we live! wouldn't it be grand to meet not only at silver bella but sturgis too!? motorcycles & glitter+glue...sounds like a winning combination to me! love your recent post...chippy paint "PATINA" is always easy on my eyes! happy day to you!


You have no idea how much this comment means. I really thank you for taking time to connect with me. This is why we are here, isn't it?

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